Cumulative Giving

The following list recognizes and honors those unique individuals and organizations who have reached a lifetime giving level of $50,000 or more. The leadership provided by these donors is essential to the future of Southwestern and the students whom it serves. This list is sorted alphabetically by individual, followed by corporations, foundations and estates.

* Brown Society Member – Formed at the end of the historic Brown Challenge (1976-1996), the Brown Society was created to honor the loyal donor, and the Brown Family, who led the vision of sustaining annual gifts from alumni and friends, and recognizes consecutive year giving at every level.
# Deceased
Southwestern Society (Cumulative gifts of $5,000,000 or more)

Red McCombs ’49* and Charline Hamblin McCombs ’50*
Fayez Sarofim*
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
The Cullen Foundation
The Cullen Trust for Higher Education
Houston Endowment Inc.
J.E. & L.E. Mabee Foundation, Inc.
Andrew Mellon Foundation
Margaret S. Odiorne Charitable Remainder Unitrust
F. W. Olin Foundation
Perkins-Prothro Foundation
Robert & Ruby Priddy Charitable Trust
Fayez Sarofim & Company
Texas United Methodist College Association

Wiess Society (Cumulative gifts of $1,000,000-$4,999,999)

Genevieve Britt Caldwell ’42*
Louise Britt Carvey ’44*
Sharon Daggett* and Michael Daggett*
Betty Douglass
Betty Lord*
Griff Lord* and Kathy Lord*
Marion Mundy
Joe Prothro and Dale Prothro
Jim Walzel* and Pat Walzel*
J. S. Bridwell Foundation
The Cain Foundation
Grace Pate Downs Trust
Estate of Jean R. Sides
Fondren Foundation
Estate of Virginia Hanks
Hoblitzelle Foundation
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
The Grogan Lord Foundation
McCombs Foundation
Estate of Ugenia Ponder McGuire
Estate of Sue Mood McMichael
Estate of Virginia L. O’Hara
The Joe & Lois Perkins Foundation
Sid W. Richardson Foundation
Rockwell Fund, Inc.
Estate of John Score
The Vivian L. Smith Foundation
US Department of Education
The Welch Foundation

Rutersville Society (Cumulative gifts of $500,000-$999,999)

Joey King ’93 and Leigh King
Bob Vial and Elaine Vial
Albert & Margaret Alkek Foundation
M.D. Anderson Foundation
Estate of J. T. Atkin
Estate of John R. A. Carroll
The Clayton Fund
Estate of Elizabeth A. Crawford
The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
Estate of T. L. Douglas
Estate of Rufus Edwards
Fidelity Investments
Hillcrest Foundation
James A. & L. Doris Williams Scholarship Foundation
Beulah Kahler College Trust
Moody Foundation
Sarofim International Management Company
The Scurlock Foundation
Southland Paper Foundation
Hatton W. Sumners Foundation
Earl G. Swenson Trust
Texas Independent College Foundation
Texas Methodist Foundation
Estate of Isla Turner
Estate of C. E. Willingham
Wilson Craven Chair Trust
Estate of Isabel Brown Wilson

Wesleyan Society (Cumulative gifts of $250,000-$499,999)

Joanne Powers Austin ’74* and Brent Austin*
Doug Benold ’44* and Nell Barnes Benold ’48*
John Caskey
Ann Tyrrell Cochran ’72* and Tres Cochran*
Berry Cox* and Jeanne Cox*
Mary Cullen
John Duncan and Brenda Duncan
Larry Haynes ’72* and Cheryl Hughes Haynes ’73*
Marvin Henderson* and Marie Henderson*
Rock Houstoun ’73 and Tricia Banker Houstoun ’75
Jean Gibson Karr ’71* and Bob Karr ’71*
Amanda McMillian ’95* and Benjamin Holloway ’96*
Barbara Muse
Tom Shockley* and Dorothy Shockley*
Ken Snodgrass* and Tracy Snodgrass*
Blake Stanford ’81* and Kristi Boerner Stanford ’83*
Alice Schorre Stultz ’72* and Dan Stultz ’72*
Pew Trust
Bill Wiemers ’55* and Janey Smith Wiemers ’54*
Wally Wilson
Associated Colleges of the South Inc
Beog Grant
Estate of Joe L. Bergin, Jr.
Estate of Linden G. Bowers
The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
Enron Corporation
Estate of H. David Medley
ExxonMobil Foundation
First Texas Bank
Estate of Lucile L. Fowler
The Freeman Foundation
General Board of Higher Education & Ministry of the UMC
The George Foundation
Estate of Thelma L. Guion
Hallye Hodges Trust
J.P. Morgan
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
W. M. Keck Foundation
The James S. Kemper Foundation
The Kendeda Fund
Lord Trust for Southwestern University
The Henry Luce Foundation
McManis Trust
Meadows Foundation, Inc.
Minchen-Beville Foundation
Estate of Virgil C. Morelle
Kathryn Murfee Endowment
William A. & Madeline W. Smith Foundation
Texas Eastern Corporation
US Health Resources Services Administration
The Lola Wright Foundation

McKenzie Society (Cumulative gifts of $100,000-249,999)

James Adams ’66* and Libby Cowen Adams ’67*
Ellen Perricone Bachmann ’75* and Hank Bachmann ’74*
Paul Bell ’71* and Patty Rundell Bell ’72*
George Brightwell* and Barbara Brightwell*
Keith Buvinghausen and Deborah Buvinghausen
Turner Caldwell ’71* and Trina Caldwell*
Kelly Cox*
Mark Craig and Sandra Craig
Virginia Hyde Dupuy ’71* and Bob Dupuy ’69*
Ed Ellis ’64* and Suzanne Morrow Ellis ’64*
Ken Ewan and Lali Ewan
Jack Garey* and Doris Garey*
Katherine Mood Gyorfi ’62* and Lance Gyorfi*
Karen Hanson-Flowers ’75* and Joe Flowers*
Annanelle Hardt ’48
Russell Hollier* and Joan Hollier*
Carolyn Holloway*
Betsy Joyner* and Henry Joyner*
Elizabeth Keeney
Helen Black McAllister ’49
John McMullen ’67* and Fara Snow McMullen ’68*
Carolyn Shimer Merritt ’63 and Joseph Merritt
Carol Miller
Presley Mock ’82* and Lynn Parr Mock ’83*
Delwin Morton
Merriman Morton ’63*
Lannie Moses
Bob Moses and Loretta Moses
Scott Neal ’84* and Carol Hartwig Neal ’79*
Barbara Prats Neely ’77* and Roger Neely ’78*
Peter O’Donnell and Edith O’Donnell
Doug Paisley ’70 and Susan Paisley
Linda Paisley
Betty Jo Pate
John Powell ’55* and Mary Curtner Powell ’57*
Patti Fairbend Raben ’65* and Steve Raben ’63*
Ann Cater Ramsey ’67* and Russell Ramsey ’66*
Linda Grubb Riley ’71* and John Riley ’71*
Bob Rork ’62* and Linda Rork*
Joe Seeber ’63 and Elaine Seeber
Gwen Griffin Sherman ’80* and Ben Sherman*
Roy Shilling and Margaret Shilling
Estate of Zada Lokey
Abell-Hanger Foundation
J. S. Abercrombie Foundation
Estate of Edwin Allday
American Council of Learned Societies
Estate of Maxine Benold
Estate of John & Gayl Bradfield
Estate of Mildred Gentry Breiten
Estate of David W. Carter
Chapelwood United Methodist Church
Estate of Frances Clay
Estate of Ione Clay
Estate of Florra Root Cody
John & Maurine Cox Foundation
The Dallas Foundation
Davidson Family Charitable Trust
Estate of Vela F. Devoe
El Paso Corporate Foundation
The James A. & Isabel M. Elkins Foundation
Winfred Ellis Trust
Ernst & Young Foundation
Estate of Ann Harrell Turk
Estate of Walter T. Cummings
Exxon Education Foundation
R. W. Fair Foundation
William Stamps Farish Fund
Estate of J. C. Fleming
Estate of William H. Harrison
The Hearst Foundations
The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
Highland Park United Methodist Church
Russell M & Joan T Hollier Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Harriett Stanford Jackson Trust
Estate of Marvin Jones
W. D. Kelley Foundation
Killson Educational Foundation
Estate of Frances Love
Madison Charitable Foundation Inc
Marriott Corporation
Melrose Oil Company
Mercantile Texas Corporation
Moody Memorial United Methodist Church
Estate of Andrew Jackson Mundy
National Collegiate Athletic Association
Estate of Janice Goodson Onstott
Estate of Paula Pearce
Pfizer, Inc.
Leo Potishman Foundation
W. Morgan & Lou Claire Rose Trust
Estate of John Randolph Sanders
Estate of J. Fred & Alma L. Schultz
Shell Oil Company Foundation
St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
Grover & Juanita Standlee Trust
Roy & Christine Sturgis Charitable & Educational Trust
Texas Refinery Corporation
UBS Donor Advised Fund
United Methodist Higher Education Foundation
Vanguard Charitable Endowment
Susan Vaughan Foundation
Verizon Foundation
Vinson & Elkins
The West Endowment
Estate of Arthur Wilson
The Zachry Foundation

Soule Society (Cumulative gifts of $50,000-$99,999)

Virginia Henderson Adams ’43*
Crandell Addington ’61
Daryl Allen ’93* and Elizabeth Allen*
Steve Alvis and Marci Alvis
David Andrews and Carol Andrews
Judy Andrews and Paul Andrews
J.R. Avant ’50
Jack Balagia and Mary Balagia
Julia Beecherl
Lynn Boone and Donna Boone
Tim Boone ’77* and Angela Boone*
Robin Bruno
William & Catherine Bryce Memorial Fund
Edward Burger*
Pam Slaughter Bush ’76* and Phil Bush ’75*
Terri Caldwell
Bill Calhoun ’66* and Rose Calhoun*
Chris Chaput ’93* and Laura Chaput*
Kelley Clark ’82*
Virginia Clark
David Clifford ’71* and Judy Campbell Clifford ’71*
Phil Coffin and Wendy Coffin
Morty Cohn
David Cook* and Penny Cook*
Linda Wilson Craddock ’64* and Berry Craddock*
Chris Cragg ’83* and Lauri Jones Cragg ’83*
Harry Cullen and Rose Cullen
John Curry ’70* and Faustina Curry*
Steve Davis ’69* and Jan Davis*
W. Dupuy
Rick Eason ’73 and Patty Schilling Eason ’84
Joe Elmore#
Manny Farahani and Maria Farahani
Peter Flemming and Camilla Flemming
Tom Forbes ’71* and Shelley Scott*
Cecil Ghormley ’57* and Betty Ghormley*
Baxter Goodrich
Bretna Smith Hackert ’80* and Marv Hackert*
David Hansen ’84
Alice Burnam Johnson ’49* and Ross Johnson ’49*
Hillery Keith ’82* and Steve Gardner ’82*
Sylvia Sydow Kerrigan ’86* and Matt Kerrigan*
Bart Koontz ’78
Dore Rubey Koontz ’83
Gary Lazarus* and Carol Lazarus*
Sharon St. Lawrence Lemons ’62* and David Lemons ’63*
John Lind and Barb Lind
Travis Mathis ’88 and Bettina Mathis
Carol McGaughey* and Doug McGaughey*
Mary Medley ’74* and Bob Cloud*
Lee Merritt ’90* and Chrisie Moulds Merritt ’88*
Vicki Mielke* and Tom Mielke*
Blake Myers* and Connie Myers*
Wheeler Nazro
Kenneth Newell*
Seng Ooi ’60* and Helen Ooi*
Nancy Strain Palmieri ’74*
Ellsworth Peterson ’55* and Sue Peterson*
Al Sanders ’54* and Shirley Oliver Sanders ’56*
Jeanne Sanders*
Jake Schrum ’68* and Jane Woodman Schrum ’70*
Al Schultz ’71 and Marjorie Stripling Schultz ’71
Nita Sessions
Pete Sessions ’78* and Karen Sessions*
Rex Spivey*
Craig Stanford ’82 and Cristina Stanford
Tava Stanford
Betty Ann Stedman
Jodie Magness Steger ’89* and Charles Steger*
Chip Stockard ’74* and Mary Ann Stockard*
Kathy Gregg Stringfellow ’73 and Mac Stringfellow ’70
Helen Tidwell ’46*
Stephen Tipps* and Pamalah Tipps*
Steve Tipton ’73* and Tricia Tipton*
James Varner and Shirley Varner
Tom Vickers ’65* and Pat Vickers*
Fay Vincent*
Jan Oliver Wolfe ’81* and Neile Wolfe*
Jerry Ann Woodfin
John Worley* and Carol Worley*
Frank Yeager* and Kay Yeager*
George Young ’79* and Kathy Young*
3M Foundation
The George I. Alden Trust
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Austin Community Foundation
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Amon G. Carter Foundation
Central Texas Conference, United Methodist Church
Chilton Foundation Trust
Coastal Bend Community Foundation
Coastal States Management
Community Foundation of North Texas
Joe & Jessie Crump Fund for Medical Research
Charles E. Culpeper Foundation
Deloitte & Touche
Estate of George W. Elkins
Estate of Myra Kay Kilpatrick
Eugene H. Lott Revocable Trust
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
John Gaty Trust
George W. Brackenridge Foundation
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Estate of Lucile E. Gress
Group Two Architecture, Inc.
Gulf/Chevron Corporation
Estate of Ethel V. Gusman
R & F Craddock Gusman Trust
Halliburton Company
Ewing Halsell Foundation
Health Ed & Welfare
Estate of Laura M. Hester
Hoechst Corporation
Estate of Reese Jennings
The Ranken & Louise Kennedy Foundation
William S. & Lora J. Kilroy Foundation
Estate of Marion Mallard
Estate of Lucile Mason
Merck Company Foundation
Estate of Clara Jo Miles
Estate of Alla Ray Morris
Estate of Winnie C. Moss
Northern Trust Bank of Texas
Estate of Annie P. Pomeroy
Regions Bank
RGK Foundation
Estate of John Allen Riddick
Estate of S. W. Russell
SBC Communications, Inc.
Estate of Zue Belle Shaw
Shield-Ayres Foundation
Sodexo, Inc.
Southwestern University Bookstore
Ann Bradshaw Stokes Foundation
Hesta Stuart Christian Trust
SWCA, Incorporated
United Methodist Foundation of the TX Annual Conference
J. M. West Texas Corporation
The Whitley Charitable Foundation
William R. & Jane S. Wiemers Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Estate of C. N. Williford