Faculty & Staff

Southwestern University is pleased to recognize current faculty and staff members who made gifts to Southwestern this year. Southwestern gratefully acknowledges the following donors.

* Brown Society Member – Formed at the end of the historic Brown Challenge (1976-1996), the Brown Society was created to honor the loyal donor, and the Brown Family, who led the vision of sustaining annual gifts from alumni and friends, and recognizes consecutive year giving at every level.

Trish Aitken*
Guillermo Alvarado ’15
Barbara Anthony*
Joe Austin
Bob Baldwin*
Denise Barnes*
Paulette Bilby*
Mark Bottorff
Christine Kettle Bowman ’93*
Bill Bowman ’92*
Sarah Brackmann*
Kerry Bruns*
Eric Bumgardner
Edward Burger*
Jason Chapman ’03*
Michael Cooper
Julie Cowley*
Megan Davidson Danner ’06*
Abby Dings*
Becca Edwards*
Jefferson Ellinger ’13*
Kaylyn Evans ’15*
Mary Fields
Carol Fonken
Megan Frisque*
Karen Fruge*
James Gaeta ’87*
Norma Aguirre Gaines ’08*
David Gaines*
Audrey Garcia ’15
Dinah Goodson
Matt Grosso
Fay Guarraci*
Cullie Hamilton*
Linda Hamilton
April Hampton Perez ’89*
Hal Haskell*
Pam Haskell*
Joe Heid ’16
Melanie Hoag*
Glenn Holzer
Kent Huntsman*
Arun Jacob ’15*
Terri Johnson*
Taylor Kidd*
Donald Klepac*
Xan Koonce ’05*
Kendra Lewellyn
Joshua Long
Alison Marr*
Katie McCance ’15*
Melissa Miller ’04*
Alicia Moore
Susan Moore ’99*
Glada Munt*
Sandi Nenga*
Emily Niemeyer
Judy Offield
Amanda Parr*
Debbie Pauley*
Kristen Paxson
Ben Pierce*
Grace Josey Pyka ’05*
Becky Rodriguez*
Katy Ross*
Andy Ross*
Evelyn Rossi
Pam Gregory Rossman ’72*
Debbie Sanderfer*
Scott Sandoval ’91*
Christy Schaller*
Jacob Schrum ’06*
Glenn Schwab
Paul Secord*
Laura Sewell ’95*
Cheryl Shea*
Dyana Smith Shearer*
Justin Smith ’04*
Brenda Thompson*
Derek Timourian*
Larkin Tom*
Patrick Van Horn
Christine Vasquez
Lizette Villarreal ’13
Mary Visser*
Willis Weigand*
Jean Whewell*
David Wilmot*
Hong Yu*