Faculty and Staff

Southwestern University is pleased to recognize current faculty and staff members who made gifts to Southwestern this year. Southwestern gratefully acknowledges the following donors.


President’s Council Member
Southwestern University recognizes individuals who have given $1,000 or more in the fiscal year 2018-2019, and includes our Tower Society members who represent our most committed young alumni donors. Each President’s Council member is vital to the success of Southwestern and enriches the Southwestern Experience for students.

1840 Society Member
1840 Society members support Southwestern University through deferred gifts. These gifts, although they are planned now, will be available to benefit the University in future years. Southwestern University is grateful to 1840 Society members who are preparing for the University’s future today.

Brown Society Member
Formed at the end of the historic Brown Challenge (1976-1996), the Brown Society was created to honor the loyal donor, and the Brown Family, who led the vision of sustaining annual gifts from alumni and friends, and recognizes consecutive year giving at every level.

Anonymous (12)
Taylor Hamilton Adams ’15
Steve Alexander
Joe Austin
Denise Barnes
Erika Berroth
Niki Bertrand ’08
Serena Bettis P’23
Mark Bottorff
Bill Bowman ’92
Christine Kettle Bowman ’93
Sarah Brackmann
Kerry Bruns
Susie Bullock
JC Bunch
Edward Burger
Carlie Caruthers
Jason Chapman ’03
Wesley Clark
Timothy Cobb
Brenda Cornett
Julie Cowley
Faustine Curry ’02
Tom Delahunt
Andrew Diehl
Abby Dings
Jon Duncan
Randy Erben
Craig Erwin
Allison Everett ’13
Mary Fields P’21
Megan Firestone
Debi Flummer ’86
Carol Fonken
Jennifer Frias
Megan Frisque
Karen Fruge P’10
Fumiko Futamura
James Gaeta ’87
David Gaines
Norma Aguirre Gaines ’08
Cortney Graves ’12
April Hampton Perez ’89
Frank Hense
Carrie Hernandez
Melanie Hoag
Laura Hobgood
Kent Huntsman P’11
Barbara Jean
Melissa Johnson P’21 P’19
Terri Johnson
Xan Koonce ’05
Maria Kruger ’91
George Lawson-Crowson
Adriana Guadarrama Lee ’15
Kelly Lessard ’21
Lauren Light
Dana Luna P’20 P’13 P’14
Nadia Mahannah P’22
Alison Marr
Nick Mask ’15
Scott McLean
Alicia Moore
Susan Moore ’18
Glada Munt
Ben Nava P’17
Sandi Nenga
David Olson
Daniel Orozco
Austin Painchaud ’13
Amanda Parr
Debbie Pauley
Kristen Paxson
Carin Perilloux
Grace Josey Pyka ’05
Brandon Quintanilla ’23
Reed Rallojay
Chris Reyes ’09
Elaine Riley
Dinah Ritchie
Sonya Robinson
Becky Rodriguez P’15
Andy Ross
Katy Ross
John Ross
Pam Gregory Rossman ’72
Rebecca Rother
Desi Roybal P’21
Debbie Sanderfer
Jacob Schrum ’06
Glenn Schwab
Paul Secord
Dave Seiler
Eric Selbin P’15
Laura Senio Blair
Laura Sewell ’95
Dyana Smith Shearer ’19
Debika Sihi
Bob Snyder
Shelley Story
Kiyoshi Tamagawa
Brenda Thompson
Derek Timourian P’17
Daryl Tschoepe
Loretta Waclawczyk P’20
Todd Watson
Willis Weigand P’14
Christine Williams
Olivia Wise ’18
Patricia Witt