Current & Former Parents

Tuition and fees cover just 60 percent of what Southwestern spends to educate each student. Parents make an investment with high returns—the future of their sons and daughters. Southwestern is grateful for the generous support it receives from current and former parents.

* Brown Society Member – Formed at the end of the historic Brown Challenge (1976-1996), the Brown Society was created to honor the loyal donor, and the Brown Family, who led the vision of sustaining annual gifts from alumni and friends, and recognizes consecutive year giving at every level.
# Deceased


Robert Abel ’66* and Peggy Jun Abel ’68*
Alan Adams and Stacy Adams
Bubba Adams* and Tammy Adams*
James Adams ’66* and Libby Cowen Adams ’67*
Kip Adams and Tracy Adams
Dane Aderholt* and Suzanne Aderholt*
Kay Ahrendt*
Trish Aitken*
Barbara Aksamit
Jack Albright ’55* and Dana Albright*
Eduardo Aleman ’75* and Kathleen Cole Aleman ’79*
Martin Aleman ’68* and Armida Truan Aleman ’74*
Roger Alford
Stacy Alford*
Lynette Weaver Allen ’42
Joy Breese Allman ’58 and Edgar Allman
Anis Ally* and Shahla Ally*
Bob Alston* and Carol Alston*
Edward Amash* and Susan Amash*
Mike Ammel*
Lois Ammerman*
Charles Anderson and Karen Anderson
Lynne Anderson* and Scott Anderson*
Traci Anderson*
Lillian Boren Anfosso ’85* and Christian Anfosso*
Larry Anglin and Robin Anglin
Angela Apollo
Manouchehr Ardjomand Hessabi* and Firouzeh Obeidy*
Shannon Armstrong-Schulz* and Travis Schulz*
Jim Armsworth ’60*
Noble Atkins ’47#
David Au and Betty Au
Judith Avent* and Roger Avent*
Susan Azmoudeh* and Shahab Azmoudeh*


Huynh Baccam* and MyTrang Baccam*
Terri Bagot*
Victor Bajomo and Modupe Bajomo
David Baker and Rosemary Baker
Richard Bales
Trent Balke* and Janet Balke*
Mark Banaszak-Holl and Jane Banaszak-Holl
Barger Family Fund*
C.W. Barker* and Cynthia Barker*
Bill Barnard and Lolly Barnard
James Barnes
Kevin Barnes* and Lynn Barnes*
Mary Hallauer Barnes ’53*
Brian Barrett* and Ethel Barrett*
Scott Bartell and Elizabeth Bartell
Keith Bartrip and Karen Bartrip
Richard Bauman
Jason Beam and Sally Beam
Kerrie Beane
Thomas Behrenbeck* and Julia Behrenbeck*
Niesha Bell*
Lee Ellen Arnold Benjamin ’71*
Stephanie Benold
Terrell Benold
Luis Berlanga and Suzanne Berlanga
Beryl Kermeth Bierman ’51* and John Bierman*
Brad Blake* and Suzanne Blake*
Mary Dobias Blomquist ’82* and Preston Blomquist*
Nelson Bludau* and Patti Bludau*
James Blumenschein* and Sarah Blumenschein*
Sherry Blyth
David Bodenman*
John Bohmfalk ’75* and Pam Parr Bohmfalk ’75*
Linda Sue Bouffard
Norman Bouffard ’61
Nathan Bracher* and Francoise Bracher*
Christine Bradley* and Victor Bradley*
James Bradley* and Rose Bradley*
Lorna Bradley* and Mark Bradley*
George Brandt and Sue Brandt
Sally Anne McMillan Brashear ’59* and Harry Brashear*
Baxter Breaux* and Shirley Breaux*
Brian Bricarell and Shari Bricarell
Tommy Brigham* and Diana Brigham*
Jerome Brimmage* and Leslie Brimmage*
Lynn Robinson Brink ’65 and Richard Brink
Karen Brooks
Edward Brown* and Robin Brown*
Jeanie Browning*
Jamie Brown and Michelle Brown
Karen Busby Brown ’64* and Karl Brown*
Robert Brown* and Nancy Brown*
Ursula Brown
Virginia Brown* and Donald Brown*
Larry Bryant* and Patricia Bryant*
Keith Buechler and Janice Buechler
John Burbey* and Kim Burbey*
Melissa Burke* and Sean Burke*
Harold Burkhardt ’49* and Patricia Burkhardt*
Linda Hall Burns ’83
Linda Driskell Butler ’64*
Roger Butler ’57 and Fannie Lou Mainer Butler ’59
John Byrd


Dean Calcote*
Genevieve Britt Caldwell ’42*
Turner Caldwell ’71* and Trina Caldwell*
Bill Caldwell* and Jackie Caldwell*
Stephanie Camfield and Paul Camfield
Gary Campbell* and Christine Campbell*
Dulce Campos
Gordon Camuel* and Cynthia Camuel*
Patsy Stanford Carpenter ’61* and Irvine Carpenter*
Joyce Carter and Rebecca Rickly
Marie Casimir
Ricardo Castaneda and Yvette Castaneda
William Caudill* and Chris Caudill*
Orville Cerna
Jim Chaka* and Rilla Chaka*
Jeanne Chaltain and Christopher Chaltain
Nancy Chandler* and Joe Chandler*
Joe Chang and Margo Chang
Michael Charles* and Linda Charles*
Lisa Chernow*
Valarie Furlow Childs ’99* and Lonnie Childs*
John Cisneros* and Kathy Cisneros*
Steve Claiborn and Barbara Claiborn
Duane Clementson and Sheri Wilcox
Bill Clendenen*
Ted Cleveland and Martha Cleveland
Peter Clugston and Lisa Clugston
Judy Allen Coats ’62* and Sam Coats ’63*
David Coe and Dawn Coe
Sunday Walzel Coffman ’83* and Robert Coffman*
Daniel Cohen* and Joan Cohen*
Janet Wilkinson Considine ’67* and Corby Considine*
Eunice Cabrales Contreras ’83* and Tony Contreras*
William Conway and Deborah Conway
Ray Corbett* and Bonnie Corbett*
John Corbin and Susan Corbin
Michael Cornachione and Harriet Cornachione
Eric Costello* and Ann Costello*
Mark Cotham* and Patrice Cotham*
William Counihan and Megan Counihan
Chris Cragg ’83* and Lauri Jones Cragg ’83*
Gene Cragg ’51* and Nell Cragg*
Curtis Crandall* and Cindy Crandall*
Bob Crane and Diane Crane
Harry Crenshaw ’69* and Gana Geldmeier Crenshaw ’68*
Nicholas Cresanta* and Ava Cresanta*
Shirley Crooks*
Weldon Crowley* and Pat Crowley*
George Cruz* and Gloria Cruz*
Jesus Cuevas and Josie Cuevas
John Curry ’70* and Faustina Curry*
Liz McAllister Curtis ’82*
Tom Curtis* and Jeanette Curtis*


Janet Daigle*
Roy Dale and Katie Klein
Mark Danheim ’80* and Beth Danheim*
Egeenee Daniels and Rhonda Daniels
Brenda Davis*
Joe Davis and Robin Davis
Lorne Davis and Jean Davis
Steve Davis ’69* and Jan Davis*
Bertha Dickerson Dayton ’68* and Harold Dayton*
Gayle de Haas* and William de Haas*
Tresa De la Cruz* and Jerome De la Cruz*
Michael Debner* and Colleen Debner*
Barbara Rose Deborah ’91* and James Deborah*
Joann Jones Dees ’51*
Andrew DeHennis* and Rebecca DeHennis*
Jerry Dela Cruz and Pam Dela Cruz
Marvin Dettloff* and Mary Dettloff*
Kathy Devine* and Dan Devine*
Johnnie Dickson*
Walt Doane* and Susan Doane*
Grace Kilgore Dormont ’74* and Alex Dormont*
Shawn Doty* and Dean Doty*
John Douglass ’57 and Geraldine Douglass
Kenneth Drummond* and Melanie Drummond*
Pat DuBose
Brad Dubros and Julie Dubros
Bennie Duck and Veronica Duck
Lee Duggan and Lee Duggan
Wendell Dutcher* and Wendi Dutcher*
Ruth Schmidt Dyar ’59*


Andrea Earle*
Brian Eastland ’88* and Susan Hamrick Eastland ’89*
Wanda Eaton*
Billy Echols-Richter ’80* and Laura Echols-Richter*
Arlen Edgar and Betty Edgar
Lawrence Eisenberg* and Mary Eisenberg*
Stephanie Elkins*
Rita Diaz Ellinger ’88* and Jeff Ellinger*
Ed Ellis ’64* and Suzanne Morrow Ellis ’64*
Kathy Ellis-Fisher ’91*
Choyce Elsik-Chappelle*
Annabel Elsner*
David Erck ’59
Marc Erck ’88* and Debra Carmack Erck ’86*
Debbie Butler Espe ’97* and Michael Espe*
Mario Espino* and Teresa Carper-Espino*
William Esplen and Roongton Esplen
Jeana Anne Dishman Evans ’84* and Ricky Evans*


Susan Marie Hall Fajardo ’87 and Charles Fajardo
Ann Parr Fancher ’50*
Doug Farmen* and Susan-Marie Farmen*
Laura Lancaster Faulk ’78* and Gene Faulk*
Verlon Feller ’48* and Millie Mangrum Feller ’49*
John Ferguson and Mary Ferguson
John Ferrick* and Pattie Ferrick*
Warren Finch* and Mary Ann Finch*
Jonathan Fisher* and Lisa Fisher*
Joe Fisher ’90*
Larry Fisher and Jennifer Fisher
Delryn Fleming ’67* and Skip Kilmer*
Kathryn Dillard Flick ’59* and Hans Flick*
Julie Ford
Kyle Ford
Joann Evans Foster ’52*
John Foster* and Karen Foster*
Lisa Foster*
Rosemarie Williams Foster ’70*
Wanda Foster
J. Andy Fowler ’57* and Nina Fowler*
Ron Fox ’77* and Susie Ray Fox ’75*
Elaine Ehlert Franklin ’45
John Freeman
Ann Friou*
John Frost and Julia Frost
Karen Fruge* and Keith Fruge*
Russel Fuchs and Jennifer Fuchs


Holly Gabriel-Hobart* and Andrew Gabriel*
Glen Gaines*#
Carmen Matheny Gaines ’64*
Dan Galewsky*
James Galindo and Tera Galindo
Frances McQueen Gannon ’72* and David Gannon*
Irene Garcia*
Santa Garcia* and Ramiro Garcia*
Arleen Garza and Jacob Garza
Karly Gaynor and Kevin Gaynor
John Gebhardt* and Nancy Gebhardt*
Richard Geddes* and Debra Geddes*
Paul George* and Julie George*
George Georgiou and Margaret Georgiou
Cherryl Fulton Gilker ’68 and Bill Gilker ’68
Bruce Gilmour ’74* and Terry Gilmour*
Terry Glover and Kathie Glover
Peter Godat*
Ricardo Gonzalez* and Graciela Gonzalez*
Maria Grahl* and Bob Grahl*
Joel Granier and Christine Speed
Richard Grayson and Alecia Grayson
Alyssa Greenspan
Mark Griffin ’72* and Stacy Langston Griffin ’72*
Michael Griffin*
Sharon England Griffith ’62 and Marvin Griffith
Lanny Grimes and Michelle Grimes
Beverly Berkey Grimshaw ’83* and Randall Grimshaw*
Paul Grover and Suzanne Grover
Nancy Guest*
Weiming Gu* and Hao Gu*


Norma Hachar and Richard Hachar
Robert Hahn* and Lois Hahn*
Matt Haligman* and Ara Haligman*
Gaylord Hall
Jacque Hall*
Jenee Hall* and Deone Hall*
George Hampton*
June Chase Hankins ’66* and Lamar Hankins ’68*
Marianne Hanley and Dennis Hanley
Karen Hanson-Flowers ’75* and Joe Flowers*
Maxie Duran Hardin ’73*
Bren Butler Hardt ’69* and Bill Hardt ’69*
Ann Truog Hardy ’55*
Liz Knight Hardy ’81* and Hunter Hardy ’82*
Dexter Harmon* and Susan Harmon*
Erik Harpst ’73* and Lori Stanton Harpst ’76*
Chris Harrison ’73* and Bev Brown Harrison ’75*
Sue Harris
Anita Hartmann* and Bob Hartmann*
Jeannine Winn Haughey ’57*
Richard Hayes and Janice Davis
Billy Haynes* and Jan Haynes*
Claude Hays and Barbara Hays
Tom Haywood* and Conley Smith*
Joe Hegar ’57* and Marilyn Peters Hegar ’57*
Steve Heitzke and Debby Heitzke
Paul Hemenway* and Susan Hemenway*
Floyd Henderson*
Jim Henderson*
David Henry and Dala Henry
John Hethershaw and Patti Hethershaw
Samuel Hicks*
Susan Kirkpatrick Hinson ’55* and Ed Hinson*
Than Hoang and Ai-Loan Dang
Jenny Hoelle* and Joe Hoelle*
Dennis Hoffman* and Maritza Hoffman*
Lesley Hogan* and Edward Lesnick*
Millie Holifield and Bruce Holifield
Jim Holland ’59* and Bobbie Holland*
Kirk Holland* and Ann St. Clair*
Warren Holleman* and Marsha Holleman*
Ken Holley ’71* and Susan Peace Holley ’73*
Russell Holley and Lana Holley
Dave Holody and Karen Holody
Mary Rickard Hoover ’49*
Michele Hoovler and Matthew Hoovler
Darve Horak ’75* and Karen Crenwelge Horak ’82*
Bob Horick* and Judy Belle Horick*
Charles Hosch* and Beth Hosch*
Bart Hotchkiss ’66* and Sharla Earl Hotchkiss ’66*
Rock Houstoun ’73 and Tricia Banker Houstoun ’75
Mary Carolyn Garrett Howell ’54*
Carmen Huang
Michael Hudler* and Andrea Hudler*
Michelle Hudson Yoxall ’89* and Dan Yoxall*
Hank Hardy Huisking ’77* and Peter Huisking*
Ann Dooley Hull ’54*
Marv Hulshizer* and Sandy Hulshizer*
David Hunt* and Marie Hunt*
Mark Hunt and Martha Hunt
Kent Huntsman* and Linde Huntsman*
Martha Hurtado and Ignacio Hurtado
Cynthia Huteson*
Mark Huteson*
Mike Hutzler* and Elaine Hutzler*


Mildred Rader Igo ’46* and Louis Igo*
Bill Ivy* and Lana Ivy*


Doug Jackson and Amy Jackson
Richard Jackson* and Rosa Jackson*
Maya Bhattachary Jacob ’76*
Dustin James ’79* and Theresa Ann Buzbee James ’82*
Donna Jameson
Carol Knolle Jankowski ’77*
Clay Jeansonne and Donna Jeansonne
Keith Jenkins ’75* and Barbara Parker Jenkins ’75*
Bradley Jensen* and Cynthia Jensen*
Maria Jimenez-Perez
David Johnson* and Sharah Johnson*
Dennis Johnson and Kristele Johnson
Dianne Davenport Johnson ’59* and Bob Johnson ’57*
Randy Johnson and Donna Johnson
Kathleen Brantley Jones ’55*
Stacey Jones and Troy Jones
Donna Josey


Mona Lowman Kandeler ’65* and Fred Kandeler ’64*
Chris Kapacinskas* and Catherine Kapacinskas*
Laura Kaplan* and Jeffrey Kaplan*
Jon Kasper ’61 and Agnes Kasper
Amy Katkic
Edward Katkic
William Kellogg and Robin Curtis
Rob Kell* and Colleen Kell*
Barbara Kelly Okerberg ’69 and David Okerberg
Larry Kelly* and Edna Kelly*
Richard Kemp and Carol Gislason
Barbara Bohmfalk Kendall ’61*
Gregory Kennedy and Cynthia Kennedy
Alice Kerr*
Douglas Kinkel and Deborah Kinkel
Mary Kirkendall*
Josephine Overton Kirk ’46*
Toni Kline* and Matthew Kline*
Edward Knight* and Mitzi Knight*
Bob Knoll* and Gerrie Knoll*
Rena Koinis* and Mike Koinis*
Carlita Hughes Kosty ’65*
Nancy Kotlarz* and George Kotlarz*
Edward Kotzur* and Lori Kotzur*
DeWayne Krawl* and Debbie Krawl*
David Krcha and Carolyn Krcha
Brian Kuberski and Jodi Kuberski
Anna Kuhn
Nancy Northington Kurio ’64* and Gerald Kurio ’64*


Steve Lacker* and Ann Lacker*
Kermit Lancaster* and Sarah Lancaster*
Martin Landon and Denise Landon
Eleanor Wisler Landrum ’58*
Stephanie Lane* and Curtis Lane*
Bradford Larsen* and Alicia Larsen*
Stig Larson* and Robin Larson*
Billy Lasater and Cheryl Lasater
Peter Lassen and Carol Lassen
Bob Lawson* and Abbe Lawson*
Jesus Leal and Peggy Leal
Jay LeBlanc and Sheryl LeBlanc
Denny LeCompte* and Stephanie LeCompte*
Peter Leede*
Sheila Lee and Carlos Lee
Elizabeth Scott Lehman ’61* and Ervin Lehman*
Ted Lehr* and Joanna Gutt-Lehr*
Sharon St. Lawrence Lemons ’62* and David Lemons ’63*
Joel Lentz and Denise Lentz
Robert Leonard* and WonJa Leonard*
Debbie Lewis*
Lawrence Lewis
Gladys Wilkinson Liese ’42*
Rodney Light* and Mary Beth Light*
John Lind and Barb Lind
Louis Lindsey* and Rosanne Lindsey*
Leslie Little* and David Little*
James Long and Susan Long
Mike Long* and Melody Long*
Jose Lopez* and Leyla Lopez*
Midge Loposzko
Griff Lord* and Kathy Lord*
Jennifer Lorenz* and Andy Lorenz*
Paula Lott
Francoise Luca
Greg Luckock* and Joelle Luckock*
Pat Fletcher Lukert ’63* and John Lukert ’63*
Felipe Luna* and Melissa Luna*
Sylvia Luna and Carmen Luna
Tracy Lunsford*
Aimee Luther* and Monroe Luther*


Joanie Westervelt Macferran ’72*
Sam Macferran ’72
Jason MacInnis* and Roberta MacInnis*
Robert Magnon and Karen Magnon
Jane Mallon*
Joseph Mansour* and Amal Mansour*
John Maples and Janie Maples
Catherine Marrs*
Bruce Marsh ’64* and Janet Marsh*
Doug Martin and Cheri Martin
Alberto Martinez and Doreen Martinez
Alex Martinez ’77* and Margie Olivarez Martinez ’81*
Janet Martinez* and Eugene Huskey*
Martin Martinez* and Veronica Martinez*
Russell Martin and Janet Martin
Walt Martz ’94*
Matt Masters and Linda Masters
Jill Mata*
Travis Mathis ’88 and Bettina Mathis
Mike Matthews ’75* and Carol Pitzer Matthews ’75*
Neal Matthews ’67*
James Maurer* and Judy Maurer*
Michael Mazur and Dona Mazur
Susie Stark McClung ’62*
Donald McCollum* and Vicki McCollum*
Kevin McCormack and Jeannie McCormack
Rawley McCoy and Kathryn McCoy
Bill McCrory* and Heidi McCrory*
Albert McCullin ’54* and Doris McCullin*
Doug McDurham* and Robin McDurham*
Carol McGaughey* and Doug McGaughey*
Dixie McGrath and Kerry McGrath
Jeff McIntosh and Lynn McIntosh
Jeff McKee*
Jerry McLaughlin and Lisa McLaughlin
Barbara McMichael* and Daniel Wend*
Ernest McNutt
Morton McPhail* and Suzanne McPhail*
Robert Mebane and Erika Mebane
Mary Medley ’74* and Bob Cloud*
Wanda Winfrey Mehlman ’42*
Doyle Melton*
Roy Mendez* and Donna Mendez*
Scott Merovitch and Sandra Merovitch
Trish Merrill*
Lee Michaud*
Mike Middleton ’85 and Darla Middleton
Vicki Mielke* and Tom Mielke*
Laura Miesse and Eric Miesse
Jackie Mijol and Julian Mijol
Billy Miller and Leah Miller
Caryl Miller-Compton* and Kevin Compton*
Harry Miller* and Carol Wickenheiser-Miller*
Mike Miller* and Caroline Miller*
Skip Miller ’62 and Sandra Elliott Miller ’63
Martha Mills* and John Mills*
Kevin Miniat and Nancy Miniat
Glenn Mitchell and Emily Mitchell
Jeffrey Moeller* and Stephanie Moeller*
Edward Monette and Molly Monette
Bridget Montagne and Bobby Montagne
Louis Montes and Teresa Montes
Gibbs Mood ’63* and Janet Mood*
Tim Moore ’75* and Nonie Anderson Moore ’72*
Timothy Moore* and Lynn Moore*
Epifanio Morales* and Vilma Morales*
Barbara Morris and Wilfred Morris
Betty Richardson Morris ’49*
Haynes Morris* and Teresa Morris*
Beth Starnes Mosele ’74* and Tom Mosele*
Leslie Murphy and Kevin Murphy
Lonnie Murphy* and Barbara Murphy*
Blake Myers* and Connie Myers*


Barry Nagel* and Pamela Miles Nagel*
Anu Naimpally-Bajekal* and Sadu Bajekel*
Judy Nash* and Mark Nash*
Richard Nava* and Kim Nava*
Gary Neal* and Brigette Neal*
Walter Negley and Suzette Negley
Drew Nelson* and Susan Nelson*
Irving Nettles*
Robert Nicol
Gerald Nixon and Lynlee Nixon
Jim Noel* and Polly Noel*


Melissa O’Dell* and Chris O’Dell*
Dan O’Hara and Sharon O’Hara
Terri Olney*
Charlie Olson ’78* and Kris Olson*
Noe Ontiveros* and Virginia Ontiveros*
Seng Ooi ’60* and Helen Ooi*
Patty Oppel
Ben Orgain ’78* and Kathy Williams Orgain ’81*
Sabrina Ortega*
Deanne Owen and Scott Owen
John Ozmun ’67* and Becki Ozmun*


Ray Page ’84* and Sheila Page*
Richard Page* and Marci Page*
Doug Paisley ’70 and Susan Paisley
Thom Parker and Kerry Parker
Jane Wheat Parks ’66*
Karen Schmidt Parks ’66 and Hubbard Parks ’63
Michael Parks* and Jamye Parks*
Jerry Pate* and Lucy Pate*
Gradylene Jordan Pate ’50*
Bob Paver and Shari Paver
Gregory Pavlicek* and Laura Pavlicek*
Kathleen Payton* and Calvin Payton*
Patricia Corbello Peacock-Dean ’59 and William Dean
Malissa Peacock
Mike Pearson* and Shirley Pearson*
Lulu Pelcastre
Brandon Pelt* and Lisa Pelt*
Nancy Brown Pelton ’60* and Wade Pelton*
Leida Perez*
Jan Perkins ’86* and Wayne Spears*
Earl Peterson and Betty Peterson
Ellsworth Peterson ’55* and Sue Peterson*
Thomas Petterson* and Elaine Petterson*
Jack Phelps ’71 and Karen Phelps
Alyce Moerner Phillips ’45*
Ben Pilcher and Melissa Pilcher
James Pinkerton and Karen Hastings
Mary Pitcock
Kevin Pollock and Tera Pollock
Darwin Poritz*
Rayda Porter
Sudha Pradeep* and Vancheeswaran Pradeep*
Javier Prado* and Theresa Prado*
Jamye Whatley Pressly ’55*
Greg Prevost and Paula Prevost
Ann Price
Elise Zerr Price ’65 and David Price ’66
Donald Prier and Monikka Mann
Stephen Pruetz* and Janet Pruetz*
Vana Puckett* and Dan Puckett*
Dennis Pustka and Kathy Pustka


David Quinn and Lori Klein Quinn
Tammy Quinters* and Anthony Quinters*
Stephen Quirk


Scott Radell* and Lee Ann Radell*
John Rae and Rebecca Ryan
Susie Hughes Ragsdale ’62*
Harold Ramm ’69*
Jana Marie Ramsay ’82* and John Stark*
Ann Cater Ramsey ’67* and Russell Ramsey ’66*
Marc Raney ’69* and Gail Todd Raney ’71*
Alice Hallauer Ray ’51 and Rolor Ray
Ruth Simons Ray ’52* and Joe Ray ’51*
David Reed and Patti Reed
Brian Reinhardt ’76* and Lynn Reinhardt*
Annabelle Battle Revis ’67 and Wilson Revis ’67
Sara Schucany Reynolds ’71 and John Reynolds ’71
Thomas Richard and Cynthia Richard
David Riggs* and Kathy Riggs*
Jeff Riggs* and Charlotte Riggs*
Michael Riggs* and Elaine Riggs*
Linda Grubb Riley ’71* and John Riley ’71*
Bernadette Riojas*
Rebecca Rizo and Jose Rizo
Becky Roach*
Patrick Robb* and Rebecca Robb*
Scott Roberson and Betty Roberson
Linda Kay Main Robinette ’65*
Allison Robinson* and Gordon Robinson*
David Robinson and Christina Schwerdtfeger
Lisa Robinson and James Robinson
Robert Rodgers* and Virginia Rodgers*
Daniel Rodriguez ’54* and Eveli Rodriguez*
David Rodriguez and Josephine Rodriguez
Zeke Rodriguez* and Lisa Rodriguez*
Gilbert Rodriguez* and Adrianne Rodriguez*
Becky Rodriguez* and Tony Rodriguez*
Gordon Roe ’57* and Patsy Roe*
Tanis Gutowsky Roelofs ’70 and Stephen Roelofs
George Rogers* and Connie Ford*
Glen Rogers*
Bob Rork ’62* and Linda Rork*
Steve Rosengren and Karen Rosengren
Jim Ross ’54* and Karen Ross*
Robert Ross ’57* and Shelley Mitchell Ross ’57*
Buddy Ross ’57 and Fanny Ross
Ted Rowan
Nazario Ruiz and Maria Ruiz
John Russell* and Italia Russell*
Larry Russell ’73 and Kathy Ford Russell ’73
Robert Rynearson and Kim Rynearson


S. C. Saenger* and Andrea Saenger*
Alfonso Saenz and Graciela de Saenz
Mark Saenz and Norma Saenz
Irma Salva*
Leigh Sander* and Christy Perry*
Al Sanders ’54* and Shirley Oliver Sanders ’56*
Randy Savage ’66* and Kathy Alger Savage ’67*
Kathy Saylor and Troy Saylor
Kathleen Schneider*
Jake Schrum ’68* and Jane Woodman Schrum ’70*
Terry Scoggin* and Angela Scoggin*
James Scott* and Alisa Scott*
Jack Seals ’53* and Evelyn Seals*
Dan Seilheimer* and Barbara Reid*
Dale Selby* and Laurel Selby*
Fred Sellers and Kathy Sellers
Judith Ledbetter Sellers ’65 and Kenneth Sellers
Dean Semon* and Kathy Semon*
Pete Sessions ’78* and Karen Sessions*
Tommy Severson* and Leah Severson*
Chris Seymour* and Rachel Seymour*
Dawn Davis Shaw ’49*
Daniel Shea* and Cheryl Shea*
Bennie Shearer* and Gayle Shearer*
Michael Sheppard ’82* and Cindy Truax Sheppard ’81*
Barbara Sheridan
Mark Shields and Amy Shields
Tom Shockley* and Dorothy Shockley*
Bob Shull*
Andrew Siff
Mimi Siff*
Nick Sikes and Marji Sikes
Alan Silverman* and Sarah Silverman*
Ray Simecek ’65*
James Simmons
Jerry Sisemore* and Lisa Sisemore*
Cindy Sivon* and Paul Sivon*
Mark Skurka* and Zita Skurka*
Betty Clendenin Slaughter ’52*
Camilla Peel Sloan ’71
Candice Yeary Sloan ’78* and Joseph Sloan*
Robert Sluss and Polly Sluss
Jerry Smiley* and Cristina Smiley*
Andy Smith ’79* and Robyn Smith*
Christopher Smith* and Ivonne Smith*
Jerry Smith and Evelyn Smith
Jerry Jay Smith ’55* and Betty Jasperson Smith ’52*
Kevin Smith and Laura Smith
Bill Smothermon and Peggi Smothermon
Tom Snoddy ’72
Ken Snodgrass* and Tracy Snodgrass*
Bob Soulen* and Lola Soulen*
Paulette Southard and James Southard
Mark Spellmann ’74* and Sandra Spellmann*
David Sreniawski* and Suzanne Sreniawski*
Jane Oliver Stafford ’74*
Wes Stafford*
Larry Stanberry ’70* and Elizabeth Stanberry*
Tom Stanton and Norma Stanton
Alice Starnes*
Bill Starodub* and Pat Starodub*
Frances Bethea Stephenson ’49
Ted Stephens and Dee Stephens
Russell Stith* and Cheri Stith*
Myra Stoll and Scott Stoll
Cindi Straup* and Todd Straup*
Nancy Strong* and Peter Strong*
Charles Stuart*
Alice Stultz
Alice Schorre Stultz ’72* and Dan Stultz ’72*
Fred Sullivan ’65*
Paula Summers* and Richard Summers*
Nancy Swanson* and Don Swanson*
Beth Sweet
Robin Sykora* and Jim Sykora*


Dennis Tanguay and Rhonda Tanguay
Bill Tanner and Paula Tanner
Connie Roberts Taylor ’75* and Steve Taylor*
Diane Tenorio* and Robert Tenorio*
Beth Riley Thames ’73 and John Thames ’74
Jack Thibodeau and Linda Thibodeau
Andy Thomas* and Jennifer Thomas*
Karen Thompson
Kim Davis Thompson ’85* and Doug Thompson ’84*
Samuel Thompson and Lisa Thompson
Jorge Tijmes* and Geraldine Tijmes*
Susan Timourian* and Derek Timourian*
Donna Davis Tonahill ’80 and Smith Tonahill ’77
Julie Toppins* and Anthony Toppins*
Kandace Kennedy Tornquist ’71* and Perry Tornquist*
Craig Townsend and Denise Townsend
John Trabucco and Denise Trabucco
Thomas Trost* and Theresa Trost*
Scott Tucker and Dyanna Tucker
Harry Tyrrasch ’54* and Lillian Tyrrasch*


Don Underwood ’70* and Bobby Underwood*


Lisa Valentine
Lee Vallery-Rusu* and Greg Rusu*
Christine Vasquez and Richard Vasquez
Jessie Vega and Roseanne Vega
Pete Vela and Jennifer Vela
Ruben Velasquez and Michelle Velasquez
Kewal Verma and Diane Verma
Mary Visser* and Sent Visser*
Dianna Vitanza*


Fletcher Walker and Nancy Walker
Lori Walsh and David Walsh
Jim Walzel* and Pat Walzel*
Russell Ward* and Valerie Ward*
Carol Watts
Sabine Watts* and Kevin Watts*
Chuck Wayland* and Melissa Wayland*
Daniel Weaver and Laura Weaver
Kim Weidmann and Eric Weidmann
Willis Weigand* and Cindy Weigand*
Gregg Weinberg and Melodi Weinberg
Mike Weir* and Ann Weir*
Rhonwyn Rathert Weissman ’68* and Louis Weissman*
Mary Welch and Jim Welch
Richard Welch ’48* and Marianne Barcus Welch ’47*
Ewing Werlein and Kay Werlein
Beverly Dague West ’54*
Michael West* and Paula West*
Thomas Wheeler* and Becky Wheeler*
Bobby White* and Kimi White*
Jeannie Brown Whitehurst ’66 and Newbern Whitehurst
Lissa Whitehurst* and Darren Whitehurst*
Lisa White* and James White*
Lorie White* and Brian White*
Lynn White ’66 and Barbara White
Mary Ann Springer Whitfield ’56*
Carol Whitley* and Gary Whitley*
Kari Whittemore
Josh Widoff and Edie Widoff
Bill Wiemers ’55* and Janey Smith Wiemers ’54*
Ken Wilhelm and Debbie Wilhelm
Kenny Wilkins* and Cathy Wilkins*
Biff Williams and Laura Williams
Merle Williams*
Patsy Ginn Williams ’57*
Paul Williams and Kelly Williams
Stewart Williams ’77* and Becky Williams*
Don Willis ’57* and Joyce Willis*
Rex Willis* and Andrea Willis*
David Wilmot* and Carolyn Wilmot*
Vicki Wilson Lavelle* and Perry Lavelle*
Jamie Wilson* and Donna Wilson*
Julie Wilson* and Hank Wylie*
Nancy Wilson* and Michael Wilson*
Nancy Wilson*
Martha Winkler
Jeff Winn* and Mary Lynn Anderson-Winn*
Judy Franze Winn ’69* and Ronald Winn*
Greg Winters and Barbara Winters
Thomas Wisler and Shelly Wisler
Robin Bily Witcher ’87
John Withers* and Mojgan Withers*
Alec Wolk and Bridget Wolk
Bertram Wood*
Tina Wood* and James Wood*
Vic Wood and Jessica Wood
Darren Woods* and Kathryn Woods*
Dan Worley ’77* and Karen Worley*
Matt Worley ’80* and Donna Carter Worley ’80*


Elizabeth Yeager*
John Yeung and Bridget Yeung
Karen York*
Darrel Young ’61 and Barbara Smith Young ’63
George Young ’79* and Kathy Young*


Robert Zearfoss ’84* and Patricia Zearfoss*
Neil Zozobrado*
David Zuefeldt* and Julie Zuefeldt*