President’s Council

Southwestern University recognizes individuals who have given $1,000 or more in fiscal year 2016-2017. These donors are vital to the success of Southwestern and enrich the Southwestern Experience for students.

* Brown Society Member – Formed at the end of the historic Brown Challenge (1976-1996), the Brown Society was created to honor the loyal donor, and the Brown Family, who led the vision of sustaining annual gifts from alumni and friends, and recognizes consecutive year giving at every level.
# Deceased
Mood Society (Gifts of $50,000 and above)

George Brightwell* and Barbara Brightwell*
Louise Britt Carvey ’44*
Lester Giese and Burdine Giese
Christina Granado Gonzales ’05*
Esequiel Granado and Jane Granado
Griff Lord* and Kathy Lord*
Red McCombs ’49* and Charline Hamblin McCombs ’50*
Presley Mock ’82* and Lynn Parr Mock ’83*
Fayez Sarofim* and Susan Krohn*
Bonnie Newton Shewski ’51
Tom Shockley* and Dorothy Shockley*
Ken Snodgrass* and Tracy Snodgrass*

Heidt Society (Gifts of $25,000–$49,999)

Barbara Anthony* and Alex Rand*
James Bruner*
Edward Burger*
Ed Ellis ’64* and Suzanne Morrow Ellis ’64*
Carolyn Holloway*
Betsy Joyner* and Henry Joyner*
Ellen Pitcock Morris ’72 and Charles Morris
Doug Paisley ’70* and Susan Paisley*
Kate Paisley ’07
Louis Pitcock
Mary Pitcock*
Thomas Pitcock ’82
Fay Vincent*

McLean Society (Gifts of $10,000–$24,999)

Virginia Henderson Adams ’43*
Michael Alexander*
Joanne Powers Austin ’74* and Brent Austin*
Ellen Perricone Bachmann ’75* and Hank Bachmann ’74*
Paul Bell ’71* and Patty Rundell Bell ’72*
Doug Benold ’44* and Nell Barnes Benold ’48*
Tim Boone ’77* and Angela Boone*
Pam Slaughter Bush ’76* and Phil Bush ’75*
Kelley Clark ’82*
Chris Cragg ’83* and Lauri Jones Cragg ’83*
John Curry ’70* and Faustina Curry*
Sharon Daggett* and Michael Daggett*
Steve Davis ’69* and Jan Davis*
Virginia Hyde Dupuy ’71* and Bob Dupuy ’69*
Jack Garey* and Doris Garey*
Katherine Mood Gyorfi ’62* and Lance Gyorfi*
Larry Haynes ’72* and Cheryl Hughes Haynes ’73*
Marvin Henderson*
Dan Hilliard* and Jenn Hilliard*
Russell Hollier and Joan Hollier
Brian Jackson ’95* and Thomas Ranese*
Michael Joseph ’82* and Kathryn Joseph*
Jean Gibson Karr ’71* and Bob Karr ’71*
Sylvia Sydow Kerrigan ’86* and Matt Kerrigan*
Joseph Mansour* and Amal Mansour*
Suzanne Mauze
Carol McGaughey* and Doug McGaughey*
Amanda McMillian ’95* and Benjamin Holloway ’96*
Andy McMullen ’70* and Julie Spring McMullen ’69*
Mary Medley ’74* and Bob Cloud*
Vicki Mielke* and Tom Mielke*
Jon Morrison ’67* and Jan Lott Morrison ’68*
Merriman Morton ’63*
Claire Peel ’72*
Karen Little Preis ’80* and Rex Preis ’81*
Patti Fairbend Raben ’65* and Steve Raben ’63*
Ann Cater Ramsey ’67* and Russell Ramsey ’66*
Blake Stanford ’81* and Kristi Boerner Stanford ’83*
Yinyu Tang ’00*
Stephen Tipps* and Pamalah Tipps*
Elizabeth Yeager*

Hyer Society (Gifts of $5,000–$9,999)

Robert Abel ’66* and Peggy Jun Abel ’68*
James Adams ’66* and Libby Cowen Adams ’67*
Daryl Allen ’93* and Elizabeth Allen*
Brad Blake* and Suzanne Blake*
Suzanne Blake ’77*
Constance Hinshaw Brown ’67*
Melissa Burke* and Sean Burke*
Genevieve Britt Caldwell ’42*
Turner Caldwell ’71* and Trina Caldwell*
Chris Chaput ’93* and Laura Chaput*
Louis Davis ’74* and Cary Rothrock Davis ’74*
Tresa De la Cruz* and Jerome De la Cruz*
Shelley Smithson Eichenlaub ’00* and Rob Eichenlaub*
Debbie Butler Espe ’97* and Michael Espe*
Bruce Gilmour ’74* and Terry Gilmour*
Bretna Smith Hackert ’80* and Marv Hackert*
Karen Hanson-Flowers ’75* and Joe Flowers*
Ouida Waddell Henderson ’49*
Tom Herzig ’84* and Blair Taylor*
Rock Houstoun ’73* and Tricia Banker Houstoun ’75*
Shunil Jacob ’89*
Jean Janssen ’84* and Stephen Pate*
Alice Burnam Johnson ’49* and Ross Johnson ’49*
Steve Lacker* and Ann Lacker*
Gary Lazarus* and Carol Lazarus*
Robert Magnon* and Karen Magnon*
Chris Mathers ’81* and Tina Mathers*
John McMullen ’67* and Fara Snow McMullen ’68*
Rod Meagher ’80 and Lynn Stedman Meagher ’81
Uta Merzbach ’52*#
Scott Neal ’84* and Carol Hartwig Neal ’79*
Barbara Prats Neely ’78* and Roger Neely ’78*
Janet Durst Nicholls ’66* and Bill Nicholls*
Charlie Olson ’78* and Kris Olson*
Ellsworth Peterson ’55* and Sue Peterson*
Linda Grubb Riley ’71* and John Riley ’71*
Camilla Peel Sloan ’71*
Jodie Magness Steger ’89* and Charles Steger*
Chip Stockard ’74
Mary Ann Stockard*
Alice Schorre Stultz ’72* and Dan Stultz ’72*
Karen Krafka Subieta ’76
James Varner* and Shirley Varner*
Erin Manning Verducci ’93* and Frank Verducci*
Jim Walzel* and Pat Walzel*
Michael Weir ’87* and Dori Wiles Weir ’85*
Beverly Dague West ’54*
Bob Worth* and Judy Worth*
Miguel Zorrilla ’92 and Alexia Marcoux-Zorrilla

Bishop Society (Gifts of $3,000–$4,999)

Roger Alford*
The Barger Family Fund*
Bill Barnard* and Lolly Barnard*
Clay Cornett ’80 and Deb Cornett
Gene Cragg ’51* and Nell Cragg*
Fleming Crim ’69* and Scarlett Crim*
Robbie Dodd ’95* and Janet Dodd*
Kenda Jameson Evans ’92* and Mark Evans*
Roberto Gomez ’69* and Juanita Gomez*
Mikal Hart ’84* and Tina Hart*
Bart Koontz ’78
Martin Landon* and Denise Landon*
Karen Ada Leis ’83* and Rodney Leis*
Bob Magnon and Karen Magnon
Grant Magnon
Mark Mayfield ’76* and Kay Webb Mayfield ’78*
Reid Morrison ’90* and Dorothy Wilson Morrison ’90*
Blake Myers* and Connie Myers*
John Ozmun ’67* and Becki Ozmun*
Bill Piotrowski ’93* and Michelle Piotrowski*
Ricky Raven and Felicia Raven
Stephen Ressling ’81* and Merric Ressling*
Ralph Russell ’68* and Beth Russell*
Pete Sessions ’78* and Karen Sessions*
Mark Shields* and Amy Shields*
Mimi Siff*
Wayne Smith ’76* and Maria Betancourt-Smith ’77*
Nancy Strong* and Peter Strong*
Steve Tipton ’73* and Tricia Tipton*
David Vander Straten ’89* and Melody Vander Straten*
Tom Vickers ’65* and Pat Vickers*
Nancy Wilson* and Mike Wilson*

Horn Society (Gifts of $1,000–$2,999)

Jack Albright ’55* and Dana Albright*
Martin Aleman ’68* and Armida Truan Aleman ’74*
David Andrews and Carol Andrews
Laura Walker Armstrong ’89* and Reed Armstrong*
Sherra Haygood Babcock ’70* and Jim Babcock*
Bobby Baldwin
Sandy Andrews Bankston ’71* and Jim Bankston ’70*
Mary Cay Willis Barker ’85* and Steve Barker ’83*
Kevin Barnes* and Lynn Barnes*
Steve Bass ’85* and Terri Bass*
Brad Beard ’77* and Judy Beard*
Patrick Bellamy and Kathleen Bellamy
Julie Heaslet Benavides ’03* and Joel Benavides*
Erin Bennett
Bert Bentley and May Bentley
Michelle Bishop ’07*
Nelson Bludau* and Patti Bludau*
John Bohmfalk ’75* and Pam Parr Bohmfalk ’75*
Shed Boren ’87*
Fred Bowden*
Christine Kettle Bowman ’93* and Bill Bowman ’92*
Charlotte Massey Boyd ’95* and Ian Boyd*
Lorna Bradley* and Mark Bradley*
Nettie Ruth Brucks Bratton ’48*
Kay Holmes Broaddus ’70* and Jim Broaddus*
Stephanie Swafford Bruce ’93* and Blair Bruce*
Andrew Brummett ’00*
Dean Calcote*
Ted Caryl ’76* and Marguerite Caryl*
Brooke Burris Caudell ’87* and Greg Caudell ’86*
Carolyn Grubbs Cecil ’67*
John Chandler*
Wehrley Chapman ’60* and Pat Chapman*
Bob Chastain and Tina Chastain
Valarie Furlow Childs ’99* and Lonnie Childs*
Adam Claiborne ’98* and Rhonda Claiborne*
David Clifford ’71* and Judy Campbell Clifford ’71*
John Clifford ’69* and Bernie Clifford*
Mary Ellen Clifford ’77*
Judy Allen Coats ’62* and Sam Coats ’63*
Claude Cody* and Anne Cody*
Sunday Walzel Coffman ’83* and Robert Coffman*
Bridget Collins ’90*
Catherine Corovessis ’94
Charles Cotten ’76 and Colleen Ward Cotten ’76
Julie Cowley*
Linda Wilson Craddock ’64* and Berry Craddock*
Harry Crenshaw ’69* and Gana Geldmeier Crenshaw ’68*
Mary Crawley Creps ’76* and David Creps*
Ronald Croom ’67* and Laura Croom*
Weldon Crowley* and Pat Crowley*
Brock Curry ’86* and Betty Gibbs Curry ’85*
Roy Dale* and Katie Klein*
John Dapper ’91* and Jessica Dupont Dapper ’91*
Joe Davis* and Robin Davis*
Michael Deeds ’80*
Casi Chamberlain DeYoung ’91* and James DeYoung ’88*
Johnnie Dickson*
John Douglass ’57* and Geraldine Douglass*
Bennie Duck* and Veronica Duck*
Mark Easterly ’92* and Heather Easterly*
Brian Eastland ’88* and Susan Hamrick Eastland ’89*
Mary Mayes Edwards ’03* and Shannon Edwards*
Craig Erwin
Sandra Guevara Esparza ’96 and Ramon Esparza
Cadie Fisher Evans ’94* and Chip Evans ’94*
Ann Parr Fancher ’50*
Christin Burns Faykus ’03
Arlen Ferguson ’63 and Gayle Ferguson
Annette Austin Figueroa ’82 and Julio Figueroa
Joe Fisher ’90*
Naomi Hersh Fisher ’50
Laurie Gallun Fitzgerald ’97* and Pat Fitzgerald*
Tom Forbes ’71* and Shelley Scott*
Ed Franklin ’61* and Mary Jo Franklin*
Megan Frisque* and Andy Frisque*
Cathy Fuller Pellegrino ’91* and Sean Pellegrino*
Jess Gilmour ’05* and Elizabeth Gilmour*
Judd Gilpin and Lulu Gilpin
Pete Gosselink ’93* and Amy Van Dorfy*
Jimmy Grace ’98* and Marla Grace*
Rod Granberry ’70 and Vicki West Granberry ’70
Fred Griffin ’70 and Carol Griffin
Jordan Guidry ’04*
Wayne Hamilton ’73*
April Hampton Perez ’89* and Miro Perez*
George Hampton*
Mike Hansen ’93* and Julie Hansen*
Maxie Duran Hardin ’73*
Bren Butler Hardt ’69* and Bill Hardt ’69*
John Harkins and Arden Harkins
Bill Harrah* and Joanne Harrah*
Chris Harrison ’73* and Bev Brown Harrison ’75*
Sue Stauffer Harshman ’73*
Michael Head*
Ron Henderson*
Dick Hillyer ’63* and Nancy Hillyer*
Laura Hinson ’83*
Dianne Hobratschk Walter ’89* and Scot Walter*
Ken Holley ’71* and Susan Peace Holley ’73*
Ralph Holm ’68 and Linda Cooper Holm ’68
Shelby Holt ’91
Bart Hotchkiss ’66* and Sharla Earl Hotchkiss ’66*
Thomas Kaung ’64* and Hug Lee Kaung*
Kent Huntsman* and Linde Huntsman*
Steve Ingram ’83* and Mary Ingram*
Kyle Irons ’99* and Liz Irons*
David Jacobs ’73* and Cher Jacobs*
Frank Jalufka and Lisa Jalufka
Carol Knolle Jankowski ’77* and Alan Jankowski*
Byron Jarratt ’60*
Clay Jeansonne* and Donna Jeansonne*
Kathy Johnson*
Joann Adamson Johnston ’68 and Harold Johnston
Darlene Blackwood Jones ’71* and Alan Jones*
Ed Kain*
Thomas Kaung
Hillery Keith ’82* and Steve Gardner ’82*
Diana Baldwin Keyes ’82* and Mike Keyes*
Genie Hackenjos Kistler ’69* and Gary Kistler*
Brad Knapp ’04* and Megan Bush Knapp ’04*
Michael Knisely ’99* and Shannon Knisely*
Diane McMeans Kreger ’76* and Gary Kreger*
Thomas Kuang
Marty Kunz and Julie Kunz
Mike Lade ’88* and Karen Lade*
Ben Lake ’06* and Jennifer Judson Lake ’07*
Kermit Lancaster* and Sarah Lancaster*
Sheila Lee* and Carlos Lee*
Cathy Hull Leeson ’72*
Sharon St Lawrence Lemons ’62* and David Lemons ’63*
Amy Root Lipp ’99* and Jacob Lipp ’00*
Leslie Little* and Dave Little*
Lee Ann Wheelis Lockridge ’95* and Eric Lockridge*
Lee Ann Whittle London ’60*
Mike Long* and Melody Long*
Betty Lord*
Janis Satterwhite Love ’68* and Dan Burdette*
Karen Franta Love ’86 and Eric Love
Joan Graham Lufburrow ’81* and Steve Lufburrow ’81*
Kim Macferran ’99*
Jane Mallon*
Marilyn Colegrove Manning ’57*
Bruce Marsh ’64* and Janet Marsh*
C.J. Martinez-Menendez ’14*
Carlos Martinez-Quinonez and Isabel Menendez Martinez
Doug McDurham* and Robin McDurham*
Jeff McKee*
Craig McKinney ’91*
Laura Merrill ’84*
Lee Merritt ’90* and Chrisie Moulds Merritt ’88*
Dan Middlebrooks ’79 and Robin Middlebrooks
Carol Miller
Andy Miller ’93* and Brian Stephens*
Stephen Montes ’13*
Thomas Morin ’94 and Julie Morin
Gaylon Morris ’87*
Patricia Morris*
Drew Mouton ’74* and Glynna Mouton*
David Neahusan ’77*
Caroline Negley ’08*
Irving Nettles*
Jamie Robinette Nettles ’98* and Irv Nettles ’98*
John Oden ’68*
Ron Ogden ’61* and Ross Covington Ogden ’62*
Paula Foust Oliver ’57* and Ben Oliver*
Ben Orgain ’78* and Kathy Williams Orgain ’81*
Erin Lynn Little Palagonia ’86* and Tony Palagonia ’83*
Nancy Strain Palmieri ’74*
Susan Parker ’89*
Thom Parker* and Kerry Parker*
Amanda Parr*
Michael Party ’10*
Gradylene Jordan Pate ’50*
Michael Patison*#
Margaret Patison*
Eric Patterson ’91*
Douglas Paulson and Diane Paulson
James Pennoni ’88* and Brandi Pennoni*
Kay Wiemers Peters ’83*
Tracy Phillips ’88
Gail Kaiser Pierce ’70* and Ron Pierce*
Kay Heffler Pieringer ’72*
Richard Pinger ’68* and Sue Ann Pinger*
Kevin Pollock* and Tera Pollock*
Ken Poteete* and Susan Poteete*
Clint Rain ’00* and Cecilia Rain*
Marc Raney ’69* and Gail Todd Raney ’71*
Bill Rawlings ’70
Ruth Simons Ray ’52* and Joe Ray ’51*
Jamie Reeves ’92* and Sarah Bisch*
James Reimund* and Robin Reimund*
Jon Rice ’87*
Bill Rives ’74* and Janey Rives*
Alan Roberts and Robyn Roberts
Linda Kay Main Robinette ’65*
Susan Slagle Rogers ’83 and Doug Rogers
David Rowe ’87* and Jodi Rowe*
Laura Runyen-Janecky ’91* and Corey Janecky*
S. C. Saenger* and Andrea Saenger*
Debbie Sanderfer* and Troy Sanderfer*
Jeanne Sanders*
Andrew Schroeder and Maria Perez
Ev Schrum ’70* and Nelia Schrum*
Al Schultz ’71* and Marjorie Stripling Schultz ’71*
Ron Schultz and Courtney Schultz
Paul Secord* and Deborah Secord*
Jill Seeber ’95* and John Huysmans*
Les Selander ’63* and Carroll McBride Selander ’64*
Tommy Severson* and Leah Severson*
Eddie Sherwood ’81* and Kelly Chambers ’82*
Bryan Shockley ’92* and Kathy Tyrrasch Shockley ’94*
Dikoma Shungu ’81*
Doug Smith*
Bob Soulen* and Lola Soulen*
Larry Stanberry ’70* and Elizabeth Stanberry*
Kristin Starodub ’99*
Rob Sterk ’71* and Mary Faith Gean Sterk ’72*
Dave Stones* and Christy Swanteson*
Susan Gresham Streeter ’73*
Toni Morris Strukely ’78*
Howard Surber ’72*
Edward Swartz ’97
Beth Sweet*
Ajay Thomas ’94* and Sherry Thomas*
Kim Davis Thompson ’85* and Doug Thompson ’84*
Helen Tidwell ’46*
Mary Aubra Shirley Tidwell ’67*
Kim Tipton ’76
Hang Moon Tran ’92*
Don Underwood ’70* and Bobby Underwood*
Jennifer Dunning Venghaus ’00* and Joey Venghaus ’00*
Monty Verona ’82*
Maralee Buttery Vezie ’80* and Eric Vezie*
Lenny Vitullo and Holly Vitullo
Leslie Wallis-Durham ’69 and Roger Durham
Kristy Ward ’01
Bill Warren ’74*
Phil Watkins ’70* and Shirley Stembridge Watkins ’70*
Phil Wedemeyer* and Nancy Wedemeyer*
Willis Weigand* and Cindy Weigand*
Mike Weir* and Ann Weir*
Michael West* and Paula West*
Lorri White ’92* and Karl Ittmann*
Terry Whitley ’84 and Melodie Whitley
Joe Widner ’93* and Kate Widner*
Bill Wiemers ’55* and Janey Smith Wiemers ’54*
Michael Wilkerson ’78
Daniel Williams and Sydrah Williams
Mary Williams
Merle Williams*
Lynn Sells Willis ’82* and Greg Willis ’80*
Darien Kubik Wilson ’93* and Joe Wilson ’92*
Grover Winslow ’49
Thomas Winzeler ’72* and Marsha Fetters Winzeler ’72*
Scott Wisch ’75* and Cheryl Lewis Wisch ’77*
Lawrence Wong ’64
Matt Worley ’80* and Donna Carter Worley ’80*
Doak Worley ’08 and Lexie Worley
Drew York ’02* and Kate Fimbel York ’02*