Thank You Dear Contributors,

As we welcome and celebrate a new class of first-year students, young minds brightly commencing the four-year journey of learning and creative awakening we know as the Southwestern Experience, we also take great pride in a new year of building and growth for our University and the unparalleled intellectual opportunities enjoyed by all of our students. Accordingly, at this time we express our deepest gratitude to the members of our Southwestern University family who make those opportunities a reality.

As you well know, this institution is devoted to building academic excellence, igniting a passion for lifelong learning, and fostering diverse perspectives. In order to accomplish these significant objectives, Southwestern faculty and staff provide opportunities for students to intentionally engage in such high-impact experiences as study abroad, student-faculty collaborative research, internships, and community-engaged learning. As both president as well as a professor at Southwestern, I have a unique opportunity to see firsthand the transformative impact of these experiences on the lives of our students. Witnessing their profound intellectual and personal growth, as individuals and members of a community, is highly rewarding and affirming of our vision and our leadership role as the best liberal arts and sciences institution in Texas.

These meaningful experiences simply would not be possible without the generosity of you, our contributing alumni and friends. Your gifts enable us to recruit and retain distinguished faculty, provide those life-changing opportunities in and out of the classroom, and make Southwestern the unique and uplifting place our students call home.

On behalf of the entire Southwestern community, I thank you for your commitment to and your ongoing support of our University. I hope that you will grant me the opportunity to express my sincere gratitude in person in the near future. I invite each of you to attend a fine arts performance, athletic event, public lecture series, or any of our on-campus events and activities throughout the year. Return and reunite with your Southwestern community — alumni, students, faculty, and staff — and see again how your gifts are changing lives.

Looking forward,


Edward Burger