Alumni Council

The Alumni Council consists of 15 alumni volunteers within the Southwestern University Alumni Association. These alumni leaders coordinate the activities of The Association by uniting the alumni base. Their annual initiatives include Homecoming, Class Committee Program, Alumni Assembly, Local Chapters, Alumni Connection Groups, and Volunteer Leadership Summit, among other projects.

Brock Curry ’86*
Paige Duggins ’14*
Laura Lancaster Faulk ’78*
Joe French ’82
Yash Gandhi ’18*
Sarah Gould-Stotts ’10*
Jean Janssen ’84*
Ursula James LaFosse ’11*
Sara McCutchen ’96*
Craig McKinney ’91*
Michael Nguyen ’03*
Charlie Olson ’78*
Suzy Prucka ’03*
Hector Ruiz ’10*
Kamna Tripathi ’13*