Parents and Friends

Tuition and fees cover just 60 percent of what Southwestern spends to educate each student. Parents make an investment with high returns—the future of their sons and daughters. Our many friends have a special relationship with the University and take an active role in ensuring its future success. Southwestern is grateful for the generous support it receives from our current and former parents, and many friends.


President’s Council Member
Southwestern University recognizes individuals who have given $1,000 or more in the fiscal year 2018-2019, and includes our Tower Society members who represent our most committed young alumni donors. Each President’s Council member is vital to the success of Southwestern and enriches the Southwestern Experience for students.

1840 Society Member
1840 Society members support Southwestern University through deferred gifts. These gifts, although they are planned now, will be available to benefit the University in future years. Southwestern University is grateful to 1840 Society members who are preparing for the University’s future today.

Brown Society Member
Formed at the end of the historic Brown Challenge (1976-1996), the Brown Society was created to honor the loyal donor, and the Brown Family, who led the vision of sustaining annual gifts from alumni and friends, and recognizes consecutive year giving at every level.



Alan Abbe
Dennis Abbott P’19
Marguerite Abel
Robert Abel ’66 P’92 P’89 and Peggy Jun Abel ’68 P’92 P’89
David Abeyta
Jack Absher
Meredith Abston
Rebecca Acepcion
Feliciano Acevedo
Steve Acker P’87
Randy Adair
Sharon Adair
James Adams ’66 P’97 and Libby Cowen Adams ’67 P’97
Jim Adamson ’71 P’02 and Sally Clark Adamson ’71 P’02
Chris Adams
Dane Aderholt P’18 P’16 and Suzanne Aderholt P’18 P’16
Javier Aguinaga
Linda Ahrendt P’02
Tamra Ainsworth
Trish Aitken P’15
Jack Albright ’55 P’91 and Dana Albright P’91
Steven Albright
Eduardo Aleman ’75 P’05 P’14 and Kathleen Cole Aleman ’79 P’05 P’14
Martin Aleman ’68 P’98 and Armida Truan Aleman ’74 P’98
James Alexander
Michael Alexander
Suzanne Alex
Elizabeth Allen
John Allen
Lyra Allen
Steve Allen P’18 and Pamela Allen P’18
Anis Ally P’15 and Shahla Ally P’15
Paula Almond
John Altizer
Elia Alvarez
Geoff Alvarez
Luis Alvarez
Robert Alwood
Michelle Amaya P’21 and Michael Amaya P’21
Scott Amerie P’19 and Jill Amerie P’19
Charles Anderson P’10 and Karen Anderson P’10
Owen Anderson and Kathie Anderson
Pamalla Anderson P’22 and Craig Anderson P’22
Christopher Andre
David Andrews P’04 and Carol Andrews P’04
Lillian Boren Anfosso ’85 P’16 and Christian Anfosso P’16
Jill Anthony P’21 and Shane Anthony P’21
Julian Anthony P’19 and Sarah Anthony P’19
Beatriz Arbelaez-Ramirez P’21 and Charlie Ramirez P’21
Genaro Arellano
Holly Armer
Reed Armstrong
Jim Armsworth ’60 P’82 P’91
Nouhad Arzoumanian P’21 and Gaby Arzoumanian P’21
Adam Aschmann
Arlene Atkinson
Lorri Augustine P’20 and Jody Augustine P’20
Sherri Augustus
Bonnie Aupperlee P’23 and William Aupperlee P’23
Brent Austin
Marissa Austin
Jim Avant


Jim Babcock
Maja Babic
Danny Babineaux
Janet Baccus P’22 and Michael Baccus P’22
Laurie Bailey
Zina Baird
Jean-Marc Bajoit P’22 and Danielle Bajoit P’22
Victor Bajomo P’19 and Modupe Bajomo P’19
Bob Baker
Kristine Baker
Tracey Baker P’22 and Barry Baker P’22
Zechariah Baker
Aaron Balboa
Godfrey Baldwin and Delores Baldwin
Trent Balke P’15 and Janet Balke P’15
Joan Baranow
Anita Baranowski P’21 and Robert Baranowski P’21
Matthew Barger P’19 and Janice Barger P’19
Trey Barker and Jennifer Barker
Brenda Barnes P’21
Kevin Barnes P’06 and Lynn Barnes P’06
Mike Barnes
Phillip Barnhart
Jaime Barraza
Javier Barrera
Michael Barrett P’11 and Lyn Barrett P’11
Lee Barry P’21 and Mike Barry P’21
Mindy Bartlett
Beth Barton
Vitali Bartusov P’20 and Viktoria Bartusov P’20
Terri Bass
Terri Batch
Bill Battle
Barbara Bauguess
Nancy Bauman
Mark Baumgarner
Philip Baxter
Anthony Bayless
Yvonne Beamon
Rebecca Beaty
George Beckelhymer P’20 and Priscilla Beckelhymer P’20
Aaron Becker
Lauren Becker
Dwayne Becknell
Eugene Bednar P’89 P’95 and Julia Bednar P’89 P’95
Thomas Behrenbeck P’14 and Julia Behrenbeck P’14
Peter Belci
Amy Bell P’21 and Jermey Bell P’21
Mary Bell P’22 and Larry Bell P’22
Vera Bell
Patrick Bellamy P’20 and Kathleen Bellamy P’20
Mark Bellinger
Edward Beltran P’22 and Ann Beltran P’22
Bob Belyeu
Joel Benavides
Janice Bencal P’21 and Gerald Bencal P’21
Lee Ellen Arnold Benjamin ’71 P’92
Barry Benko P’21
Bruce Bennett P’20 and Kellie Bennett P’20
Don Bennett
John Benziger
Chad Berg P’22 and Cynthia Berg P’22
Jonathan Berhow
Luis Berlanga P’19 and Suzanne Berlanga P’19
Michelle Bermudez
David Bernard P’22 and Meagan Bernard P’22
Alison Bernhard P’21 and Jake Bernhard P’21
Haskell Berry P’20 and Pamela Berry P’20
Patti Bertschler
Matthew Betros P’19 and Glynda Betros P’19
Tony Bettis P’23
Sheri Biggs
Cindy Bilbie
Mary Birk P’20
Sarah Bisch
Rod Bishop P’19 and Cheryl Bishop P’19
Terry Blackburn
David Blackketter
Aaron Blades
Dave Blair
Brad Blake P’14 and Suzanne Blake P’14
Glee Blank
Mary Dobias Blomquist ’82 P’12 and Preston Blomquist P’12
Preston Blomquist P’12
Jonathan Bodenhamer
Jessica Boehm
John Bohmfalk ’75 P’04
Mario Bolanos
Chris Bongiovanni
Michelle Bonilla P’21 and Ray Bonilla P’21
Bobby Bonnett
Dawn Bookert
Angela Boone
Dianna Boorman
Greg Bordelon
Kathryn Borhauer
Curtis Borland
Denny Boroczk
Dan Bossaller
Beth Botros P’22 P’22 and Ramez Botros P’22 P’22
Debra Bottorff
Elizabeth Bouffard
Norman Bouffard ’61 P’93
Barbara Boulware-Wells P’22
Felicia Bowden
Fred Bowden
Robert Bowling P’22 and Patricia Maese P’22
Scott Boyd
Libby Boyle
Nathan Bracher P’13 and Francoise Bracher P’13
Christine Bradley P’18 and Victor Bradley P’18
James Bradley P’18 and Rose Bradley P’18
Lorna Bradley P’16 and Mark Bradley P’16
Gary Braham
Teresa Brandon P’23 P’22 and Patrick Brandon P’23 P’22
David Brandt
Tim Brandt P’21
Judy Brannon
Sally Anne McMillan Brashear ’59 P’88 and Harry Brashear P’88
Brian Brauckman
Carl Bray
Debbie Maschal Bray ’91 P’21 and Kenny Bray P’21
Gary Breaux and Sally Breaux
Philip Brennan
Amanda Brewer
Michael Brewer and Janet Brown
Brian Bricarell P’19 and Shari Bricarell P’19
Tommy Brigham P’11 and Diana Brigham P’11
George Brightwell and Barbara Brightwell
Ruby Brigman
Jerome Brimmage P’18 and Leslie Brimmage P’18
Lynn Robinson Brink ’65 P’90 and Richard Brink P’90
Michelle Brinkman
Cheryl Brinkmeyer
Amy Briscoe-Eagle ’92 P’21 and John Eagle ’92 P’21
Bruce Britain
Jim Broaddus
Larry Brocklesby
Jerry Brody and Abby Brody
Kermit Brooks P’20 and Delesicca Brooks P’20
Tod Brooks P’20 and Susie Brooks P’20
David Brown
John Brown
Karen Busby Brown ’64 P’94 and Karl Brown P’94
Martha Brown
Melinda Brown P’21
Rhonda Brown
Steven Brown P’20 and Gail Brown P’20
Virginia Brown P’15 and Donald Brown P’15
Scott Browning
Blair Bruce
Brandon Bruce
Brian Bruckner ’90 P’20 and Carol Rushing Bruckner ’90 P’20
A Brune and Cece Brune
Tracy Bruno P’19
Brad Buchanan
Jim Buck
Scott Bucker
Eric Buehler and Laura Buehler
Micah Buehler P’20
Kevin Buffington P’17 and Dawn Buffington P’17
Mary Bulman
Rick Buls
Sheridan Bunch
John Burbey P’11 and Kim Burbey P’11
David Burch
Steve Burchfiel
Dan Burdette
David Burfischer P’22 and Ann Burfischer P’22
Philip Burger
Ben Burke
Melissa Burke P’18 and Sean Burke P’18
Harold Burkhardt ’49 P’80 and Patricia Burkhardt P’80
Jimmy Burks and Debbie Burks
Matthew Burks
Chessica Burton
Matthew Bushak P’21 and Stephanie Bushak P’21
Amy Bush
Linda Driskell Butler ’64 P’90
John Butterworth P’23 P’18 and Jamie Butterworth P’23 P’18
John Byers
Katherine Byrd


Wright Cain
Dean Calcote P’90 P’90
M.L. Calcote
Trina Caldwell P’92
Turner Caldwell ’71 P’92 and Trina Caldwell P’92
Bill Caldwell P’04 and Jackie Caldwell P’04
Gary Campbell P’16 and Christine Campbell P’16
Jennifer Campbell P’20 and Bill Campbell P’20
Gordon Camuel P’00 and Cynthia Camuel P’00
Jaime Cangas
Dwain Cannon
Cheryl Cantu P’22 and Anthony Cantu P’22
Chris Cantu
Rhett Caraway
George Carayannopoulos
Sergio Carbajal
Matthew Carbone
Paul Cardone P’20 and Ann Cardone P’20
Dan Carlisle
Torey Carlisle
Harold Carlson
Don Carona
Patsy Stanford Carpenter ’61 P’87 and Irvine Carpenter P’87
Burl Carraway P’19 and Freda Carraway P’19
Frank Carrola P’19 and Giovanna Carrola P’19
Bob Carter
Terry Carter
Giselle Carteret P’22 and Charles Carteret P’22
Marguerite Caryl
Diana Cason
Ulises Castaneda P’19 and Alejandra Santos P’19
Cy Cates
Jean Cates
Brooke Burris Caudell ’87 P’20 and Greg Caudell ’86 P’20
Bill Caudill P’07 and Chris Caudill P’07
Hugo Cepeda P’18 P’20 and Sandra Cepeda P’18 P’20
Joel Cephus
Luis Cerezo
Donald Cha and Yeo Cha
Mark Chaffee P’22 and Nancy Chaffee P’22
Jim Chaka P’14 and Rilla Chaka P’14
Henry Chalmers
John Chandler
Dennis Chapman
Pat Chapman
Jeffery Chappell
Lorena Chappell and Roger Chappell
Laura Chaput P’23
Michael Charles P’13 and Linda Charles P’13
Willane Charles P’21 and Robert Charles P’21
Bob Chastain P’20 and Tina Chastain P’20
Robert Chesnutt
Necia Chessman
Wilfrid Cheung
Morgan Chickering
David Chiesa
Lonnie Childs P’01
Valarie Furlow Childs ’99 P’01 and Lonnie Childs P’01
Alice Chin
Barbara Chovanec
Ken Christen
Karl Christianson
Sallie Chui and Richard Chui
Maria-Elena Cigarroa
Ryan Clagett
Olivia Claiborn
Rhonda Claiborne
Katherine Clardy
Angela Clark
Malou Clark
Stephen Clark
Ruth Claussen
Nelson Cleavenger
Bernie Clifford
Jon Coachman P’20 and Kimberly Coachman P’20
Judy Allen Coats ’62 P’89 and Sam Coats ’63 P’89
Sandra Cobb
Steve Cobb and Kay Cobb
Tres Cochran
Claude Cody and Anne Cody
David Coe P’17 and Dawn Coe P’17
Sunday Walzel Coffman ’83 P’10 and Robert Coffman P’10
Joey Colarusso
Joyce Colegrove
Marilynn Cole
Nichole Cole P’23 and Robert Cole P’23
Jennifer Collins P’19 and Mark Collins P’19
Tracy Collins P’22 and Christopher Collins P’22
Claire Colombo P’21 and Kennedy Colombo P’21
Kevin Connelly
Dede Conner and J.C. Conner
Timothy Connerty
Janet Wilkinson Considine ’67 P’93 P’95 and Corby Considine P’93 P’95
Joseph Conte and Bonnie Conte
Eunice Cabrales Contreras ’83 P’14 P’12 and Tony Contreras P’14 P’12
Susana Contreras P’21 and Salvador Contreras P’21
William Conway P’17 and Deborah Conway P’17
Toni Cook
Ron Cookston ’67 P’92 and Mary Koch P’92
Mary Ellen Coon
Haynes Cooney
John Corbin P’01 and Susan Corbin P’01
Helen Cordes P’15
Gary Cordrey
Thomas Cordts P’19 and Debbe Cordts P’19
Deb Cornett
Ryan Cornett
Becky Cornish and Peter Cornish
Ana Corteguera P’22 and Joseph Corteguera P’22
Perla Cortes P’21 and Carlos Argueta P’21
Jan Cory
Paul Cotter
Doug Cowan and Eleanor Cowan
Quint Cowan P’14 P’20 and Karen Cowan P’14 P’20
Allie Cox
Charles Cox
Diane Crabtree P’22 and Curtis Crabtree P’22
Berry Craddock
Chris Cragg ’83 P’11 P’14 and Lauri Jones Cragg ’83 P’11 P’14
Gene Cragg ’51 P’78 P’76 P’83 and Nell Cragg P’78 P’76 P’83
Darrin Craig P’21 and Julie Craig P’21
Ted Crane
Bill Crawford P’20 and Dana Crawford P’20
Douglas Crawford
Harry Crenshaw ’69 P’00 P’95 and Gana Geldmeier Crenshaw ’68 P’00 P’95
David Creps
Nicholas Cresanta P’17 and Ava Cresanta P’17
Scarlett Crim
Charles Cromer
Shirley Crooks P’95
Laura Croom
Leo Cropper P’20 and Ingrid Cropper P’20
Weldon Crowley and Pat Crowley
Zeke Crowley P’19 and Suzy Crowley P’19
Dennis Cruse P’21 and Kara Cruse P’21
Keith Cruse
Arthur Cruser
George Cruz P’95 and Gloria Cruz P’95
Mauricio Cuellar
Jesus Cuevas P’01 P’05 P’93 and Josie Cuevas P’01 P’05 P’93
Tom Culliton
Rebecca Cultra
Richard Cunningham
John Curry ’70 P’02 and Faustina Curry P’02
Cathy Curtis
Liz McAllister Curtis ’82 P’09


Mai D’Errico P’22 and Michael D’Errico P’22
Sharon Lord Daggett and Michael Daggett
Beverly Dague West ’54 P’88 P’78
Andrew Dahm
Roy Dale P’17 and Katie Klein P’17
Gail Dalrymple
Brandi Dalton
John Damen
Mark Danheim ’80 P’15 and Beth Danheim P’15
David Daniel P’19
Kim Daniel P’20 and Wiley Daniel P’20
Joe Daniels
Joseph Daniels and Sally Daniels
Kenneth Daniels P’17 and Kitzy Daniels P’17
Shane Danner
Kenneth Danton and Pamela Danton
Alan Daughtry P’22 and Allison Daughtry P’22
Sheila Dauth P’20 and Michael Dauth P’20
Charley Davidson
Lynne Davies
Bennie Davis
Gregory Davis
Jan Davis P’99 P’97
Kimberly Davis
Mimi Davis
Sara Rushing Davis ’86 P’20 and Ira Davis P’20
Steve Davis ’69 P’99 P’97 and Jan Davis P’99 P’97
Tina Davis
Don Day
Bertha Dickerson Dayton ’68 P’72 and Harold Dayton P’72
Marcel de Hoog
Tresa De la Cruz P’18 and Jerome De la Cruz P’18
Mary Dean
Scott Deaton
Jalon Debbs P’21 and Vikki Debbs P’21
Michael Debner P’16 and Colleen Debner P’16
Barbara Rose Deborah ’91 P’16 and Jim Deborah P’16
Jim Deborah P’16
Felix Del Rosario
Mark Del Toro
Jerry Dela Cruz P’08 and Pam Dela Cruz P’08
Kimberly Delahunt
Tracy Delmer P’21
Jana DeLongchamps P’23 and Peter DeLongchamps P’23
Debbie Denton-Misfeldt P’21 and Randy Misfeldt P’21
David Dessert
Marvin Dettloff P’08 and Mary Dettloff P’08
Wes Deweese
Deyanira Diaz P’22 and Juan Diaz P’22
Ed Dickinson
Johnnie Dickson P’02
Jeff Diehl
Gregory Diehnelt
Karen Dillard
Brian Dimmer
Sharon Dismukes
Robert Dittrich
Tamra Trimble Dixon ’90 P’22 and Mark Dixon P’22
Lynn Dobbins
Janet Dodd
Linda Dodge
Teresa Dodson P’20
Akiko Dohi
Nancy Doloszycki P’22 and John Doloszycki P’22
Robert Dominguez
Carleton Donop
John Dooley
Wilfred Dorie
Alice Hardt Dorsey ’95 P’22 and Jay Dorsey P’22
Joanne Douglas
Kathy Douglas
John Douglass ’57 P’98 and Geraldine Douglass P’98
Byron Dowdell P’20 and Cynthia Dowdell P’20
Lee Downey
Allen Du Pont
Richard DuBois
Bennie Duck P’19 and Veronica Duck P’19
Sarah Duffy P’22 and James Duffy P’22
Gregory Duke
Christy Dull P’23 and John Dull P’23
Anne Dunn P’21 and Linda Seewald P’21
Pem Dunn
Christopher Durso
Clif Dusek
Lisa Dyar
Ruth Schmidt Dyar ’59 P’90 P’84 P’87 P’88
Jason Dykehouse
Michael Dyll
Robert Dyo P’19 and Sandra Dyo P’19


Andrea Earle P’19
Brian Eastland ’88 P’16 and Susan Hamrick Eastland ’89 P’16
Mary Eaton P’23 and Gary Eaton P’23
Billy Echols-Richter ’80 P’18 and Laura Echols-Richter P’18
Patti Edgar
Fletcher Edington
Angie Edwards
Linda Edwards-Gockel P’22 and Daniel Gockel P’22
Shannon Edwards
Sue Edwards and David Bodenman
Caley Eichenlaub
Rob Eichenlaub
Harold Eidson and Melinda Eidson
Karen Eisenhower P’21 and Cliff Eisenhower P’21
Sarra Elhassan P’22
Chris Elley
Jeff Ellinger P’13
Rita Diaz Ellinger ’88 P’13 and Jeff Ellinger P’13
Lonnie Elliott P’09 and Suzanne Elliott P’09
Dwight Ellis and Sarah Ellis
Ed Ellis ’64 P’89 and Suzanne Morrow Ellis ’64 P’89
James Ellison
Cindy Elrod P’22 and Glyn Elrod P’22
Alice Embree
Travis Engelbrecht
William Engle P’18 P’20 and Janet Engle P’18 P’20
Christopher English
Andrew Epperley
Evan Eppinger
Kelli Epp and Ryan Epp
Amy Erben P’21 and Randy Erben P’21
Marc Erck ’88 P’15 and Debra Carmack Erck ’86 P’15
Nooralam Erkin P’13 and Amina Alam P’13
Rick Erwin ’82 P’12 and Cynthia McSkimming Erwin ’83 P’12
Eric Eschenbach
Laura Esparza P’22
Ramon Esparza P’23
Debbie Butler Espe ’97 P’13 and Michael Espe P’13
Fernando Espinosa
Jose Esteban P’22 and Maria Esteban Rodero P’22
Divina Estoesta P’22 and Benny Estoesta P’22
Roberto Estrada P’21 and Veronica Estrada P’21
Christie Eubanks
Melaine Evanczyk P’22 and Roy Evanczyk P’22
Jeff Evans P’19 and Tricia Evans P’19
Mark Evans
Michael Evans P’21 and Denise Evans P’21
Wanda Evans
Franklin Everest
Vern Everton
Justin Ewing
Annie Ewton ’21


Judy Fabry-Bruns
Aaron Factor
Debra Fagan
Susan Marie Hall Fajardo ’87 P’16 and Charles Fajardo P’16
Jon Fanburg
Ann Parr Fancher ’50 P’77
Debra Fantz P’21 and William Fantz P’21
Courtney Farmer
Peter Farmer
Sarah Farr
Jennifer Faulk
Laura Lancaster Faulk ’78 P’14 and Gene Faulk P’14
Blaine Faykus P’18 and Susan Faykus P’18
Gayle Ferguson
Jim Ferguson
David Fernandez
Robert Ferrell
John Ferrick P’10 P’16 P’05 and Pattie Ferrick P’10 P’16 P’05
Anthony Fetchel P’22 and Jodi Fetchel P’22
Annette Austin Figueroa ’82 P’10 and Julio Figueroa P’10
Kelly Fike
Ken Files P’22 and Shar Files P’22
Warren Finch P’17 and Mary Ann Finch P’17
Dave Fink P’98 and Marlene Fink P’98
Scott Firth and Susan Firth
Mirthala Fisher P’22
Janita Fitz P’19
Mike Fitzgerald
Pat Fitzgerald
Delryn Fleming ’67 P’92 and Skip Kilmer P’92
William Flesner and Pam Flesner
Hans Flick
Kathryn Dillard Flick ’59 and Hans Flick
Chad Flockhart and Karen Flockhart
Joe Flowers P’13
Frank Flynn
Kimberly Follis P’22 and John Follis P’22
Coreen Foltz P’21 and Joseph Foltz P’21
David Fonken
Daniel Forbes
Valerie Forsberg
Jan Foshee
Cynthia Foster
Rosemarie Williams Foster ’70 P’05
J. Andy Fowler ’57 P’88 and Nina Fowler P’88
Ron Fox ’77 P’07 and Susie Ray Fox ’75 P’07
William Frame
Kristi Franklin Hyatt P’19
Elaine Ehlert Franklin ’45 P’75
Mary Jo Franklin
Rodd Frank P’22 and Wendy Frank P’22
Traci Fray P’19
Mack Frazier and Llewellyn Frazier
Kris Friesenhahn Freeman ’89 P’20 and Tony Freeman P’20
Trey Freeman
Joy Marie French
David Friedman
Ann Friou P’14
Andy Frisque
Elvin Fritsch P’15 and Kim Fritsch P’15
Karen Fruge P’10 and Keith Fruge P’10
Ana Frutos P’20 and Javier Frutos P’20
Todd Fry
Karon Fryar
Michelle Frymire


Holly Gabriel-Hobart P’15 and Andrew Gabriel P’15
Anthony Gaines-Cirelli
Carmen Matheny Gaines ’64 P’92
Daniel Galdeano
Brian Gale
Donald Gallegos
Barbara Galloway ’78 P’02
Alexander Gann
David Gannon P’01
Frances McQueen Gannon ’72 P’01 and David Gannon P’01
Alice Garcia P’21 and Ruben Garcia P’21
Irene Garcia P’18
Roger Garland
Stephan Garmon
Donald Garrett P’21 and Michelle Garrett P’21
Kirk Garza P’21 and Jennifer Garza P’21
Greg Gaspard
Hannah Gatner
Kelly Gebhart
Greg Geerlings
Amy Gelotti
Chris George P’21 and Stacy George P’21
Betty Ghormley
Jan Gibbs
Karol Giblin
Andrea Gibson
Julie Gierat P’22 and Scott Gierat P’22
Paula Gilbert
Kimberly Gilby P’21 and Ralph Gilby P’21
Richard Gildea P’22 and Desiree Gildea P’22
Cherryl Fulton Gilker ’68 P’99 and Bill Gilker ’68 P’99
Denny Gill
Glenn Gillen P’17 and Joanne Gillen P’17
Ray Gillespie P’19
Annick Gillot-Salmon P’22 and Thomas Salmon P’22
Don Gilmore P’22
Bruce Gilmour ’74 P’05 and Terry Gilmour P’05
Elizabeth Gilmour
Judd Gilpin P’20 and Lulu Gilpin P’20
Dian Ginsberg P’22
Steve Glover
Terry Glover P’19 P’18 and Kathie Glover P’19 P’18
Kevin Godleski P’19 and Kirsten Godleski P’19
Ron Goldman P’21
Lin Golson Golson P’22 and Chad Golson P’22
Fernando Gomez P’07 and Sylvia Gomez P’07
Juanita Gomez
Steven Gomez
Jimmy Gonzales
Antonio Gonzalez P’16 and Laura Gonzalez P’16
Emily Goodfriend
William Goodloe
Winford Gore
Lisa Gossett
Diane Gottsman P’21 and Larry Gottsman P’21
John Gowan
Marla Grace
Mark Gradisar P’15 and Tina Gradisar P’15
Mary Grafton
Kathryn Gragard
Robert Graham P’09 and Annie Graham P’09
Fernando Grajales
Zeke Granado P’05 and Jane Granado P’05
Ray Grant and Lynne Grant
Robert Graves
B. Clark Gray P’22 and Lora Gray P’22
Jack Gray
Phillip Gray
Cassandra Greenway
Dale Gress
Bob Gribble
Neal Grice
Carol Griffin
Kenneth Griffin
Mark Griffin ’72 P’07 and Stacy Langston Griffin ’72 P’07
Tabitha Griffin P’22 and Matthew Baldwin P’22
Troy Griffith
Beverly Berkey Grimshaw ’83 P’12 and Randall Grimshaw P’12
Randall Grimshaw P’12
Judy Albright Griscom ’91 P’22 and Scott Griscom ’91 P’22
Guy Gros
Juan Guarin P’22 and Yukiko Ogata P’22
Michael Guarino
Ray Guebara
Monica Guehring
John Guest
Clay Guinn
Kristian Gusmer
Glen Guthrie P’22
Angela Gutierrez P’22 and Leroy Castilleja P’22
Marcos Guzman P’19 and Marisela Guzman P’19
Chuck Gwaltney and Cheryl Gwaltney
Lance Gyorfi


Marv Hackert
Linda Haddox P’22 and Magdy Attia P’22
Gina Hadly P’13
Christina Hagan
Mary Hair
Pam Halbrook
Matt Haligman P’17 and Ara Haligman P’17
Gary Halko
Kurt Hallead and Ann Hallead
Jacque Hall P’95
Joy Hall
Michael Hall
Martha Hamel
Nora-Anne Hames P’23 and Michael Hames P’23
Lisa Hamilton
Stacy Hamilton
Tim Hamilton
George Hampton P’89
Sybil Hampton and Alfred Hampton
Mark Haney
Aaron Hanks
Lindsay Hannah
Stephen Hannah P’23 and Nikki Hannah P’23
Chris Hansen
Julie Hansen
Scott Hanson ’91 P’22 and Heather Treter Hanson ’92 P’22
Karen Hanson-Flowers ’75 P’13 and Joe Flowers P’13
William Hardie
Maxie Duran Hardin ’73 P’04
Bren Butler Hardt ’69 P’95 P’97 and Bill Hardt ’69 P’95 P’97
Ann Truog Hardy ’55 P’81 P’86 P’82
Liz Knight Hardy ’81 P’18 and Hunter Hardy ’82 P’18
John Harkins P’20 and Arden Harkins P’20
Linda Harlan
David Harold
Keith Harp
Vivian Harp P’22
Cheri Harper
Wil Harper
Erik Harpst ’73 P’10 and Lori Stanton Harpst ’76 P’10
David Harr
Bill Harrah and Joanne Harrah
Janet Harris P’22 and Joe Babb P’22
Chris Harrison ’73 P’04 and Bev Brown Harrison ’75 P’04
Bud Harrison
Sue Harris P’19
William Harshman
Jeffrey Hartsell P’21 and Lorrie Hartsell P’21
Rob Hartsell
Tina Hart
Jennifer Harvey P’22 and Bill Harvey P’22
Katherine Harvey
Kimberly Harvey-Livingston P’22
Jamie Hascall
Charles Haslett and Carol Haslett
Lori Hasskarl
Keith Hastie P’23
Robert Hattan P’19 and Giulia Hattan P’19
Jerry Hawkins
Thomas Hawkins
Tammy Hays
Tom Haywood P’18 and Conley Smith P’18
Kevin Hebbe
Albert Heckmann and Rita Heckmann
Daniel Hedrick P’20 and Meredith Denton-Hedrick P’20
Joe Hegar ’57 P’83 and Marilyn Peters Hegar ’57 P’83
John Heinitsh
Jean Hejl
Paul Hemenway P’99 and Susan Hemenway P’99
Floyd Henderson P’06
Jim Henderson P’18
Marvin Henderson
Kathleen Hendrick P’20 and Tim Ryan P’20
Lisa Henkel P’21 and Sean Henkel P’21
David Hennington
Colette Henricks
David Henry P’19 and Dala Henry P’19
Don Henry P’11 and Barbara Henry P’11
Clint Herbst P’22 and Denise Herbst Herbst P’22
Erika Herman P’21 and Randy Herman P’21
Doug Hern P’20 and Sonya Hern P’20
Michael Herndon
Angela Herrera Carrillo
Tim Herrington
Marcus Hervey
Andrea Hessinger P’22 and Brian Hessinger P’22
Ryan Hester
Janson Hightower
Leanne Hill
Mark Hill P’21 and Stephanie Hill P’21
Nicole Hill
Rae Hill
Robert Hill
Dan Hilliard and Jenn Hilliard
Nancy Hillyer
Jackie Hires
Jean Hodgin
Susan Hodgkins
Jenny Hoelle P’99 and Joe Hoelle P’99
Ginger Hoerner P’19
John Hoffer
Brian Hoffman P’20 and Heather Hoffman P’20
Lesley Hogan P’18 and Edward Lesnick P’18
Robert Hogue
Charles Holland
Jim Holland ’59 P’91 P’86 and Bobbie Holland P’91 P’86
Kirk Holland P’11 and Ann St. Clair P’11
Margaret Hollembeak
James Holley
Ken Holley ’71 P’04 and Susan Peace Holley ’73 P’04
Russell Hollier
Andy Hollon
Carolyn Holloway
Jana Holmes
Leslie Holmes
Robert Holmes P’22
Toni Holmes
Truett Holmes and Kelly Holmes
Dave Holody P’15 and Karen Holody P’15
Greg Holt P’11 and Lori Holt P’11
Cole Hood
Michele Hoovler P’12 and Matthew Hoovler P’12
Darve Horak ’75 P’17 and Karen Crenwelge Horak ’82 P’17
Bob Horick P’99 and Judy Belle Horick P’99
Carl Horne
Doug Horne P’22
Jacob Horton
Bart Hotchkiss ’66 P’90 and Sharla Earl Hotchkiss ’66 P’90
Rock Houstoun ’73 P’00 and Tricia Banker Houstoun ’75 P’00
Dennis Houy
Hunter Howard
Judy Howard
John Howell
Mary Carolyn Garrett Howell ’54 P’94 P’76
Paul Howells P’22 and Patricia Heard P’22
Steve Hoyl
Michelle Hudson Yoxall ’89 P’19 and Dan Yoxall P’19
Harry Hudson
Robert Hudson
Thomas Hudspeth ’84 P’23 and Mary Kay Hudspeth P’23
Joe Huerta
Bill Huggins ’49 P’70 and Beulah Dimmitt Huggins ’49 P’70
Patsy Hughes
Hank Hardy Huisking ’77 P’01 and Peter Huisking P’01
Don Hull
Marv Hulshizer P’00 and Sandy Hulshizer P’00
Brody Humpert P’22
Damon Humphrey
Kent Huntsman P’11 and Linde Huntsman P’11
Caroline Hurley
Molly Hust
Karen Hutchins
Patty Hutchins
Jacques Hyatt P’19
Patrick Hyzak


Stephen Im P’20 and Michelle Conde P’20
Samuel Imarhiagbe P’22 and Abigail Imarhiagbe P’22
Joseph Ingram
Mary Ingram
Stephen Ingram P’20 and Jamie Ingram P’20
Bob Inman and Nancy Inman
Liz Irons
James Isbell
Thomas Isenhour
Karl Ittmann
Sarah Iverson P’21 and Sean Iverson P’21


Jon Jack
Julie Jacob
Maya Bhattachary Jacob ’76 P’86 P’89
Sally Jacobe P’21 and Stephen Jacobe P’21
Cher Jacobs
Frank Jalufka P’18 and Lisa Jalufka P’18
Brian James
Dustin James ’79 P’04 and Theresa Ann Buzbee James ’82 P’04
Nancy Janda
Corey Janecky
Gilbert Janik
Carol Knolle Jankowski ’77 and Alan Jankowski
Ann Janssen
Robert Jean
Wesley Jendrusch P’19 and Angela Jendrusch P’19
Keith Jenkins ’75 P’06 P’10 and Barbara Parker Jenkins ’75 P’06 P’10
Lequida Jennings
Bradley Jensen P’13 and Cynthia Jensen P’13
Ryan Jenson
Marie Antonette Jimenez Jimenez-Colbeth and Jesse Colbeth
Jason Jimerson P’20
Blake Johnson
David Johnson P’15 and Sharah Johnson P’15
Dianne Davenport Johnson ’59 P’85 and Bob Johnson ’57 P’85
Russ Johnson
Hayden Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Kathy Johnson
Melissa Johnson P’21 P’19 and Elrick Bonner P’21 P’19
Michael Johnson P’21 and Jonna Johnson P’21
Sharon Johnson
Harold Johnston
Alan Jones
Alan Jones
Brian Jones
Dennis Jones
Harold Jones P’80 P’78
Jennifer Jones P’20
Joshua Jones
Kathleen Brantley Jones ’55 P’86
Kim Jones
Lydia Jones
Patrick Jones
Turk Jones
Helen Joo
Anne Jordan
Jeff Jordan
Kathryn Joseph
Stany Joseph
Donna Josey P’05
Jeffrey Joslin
Betsy Joyner and Henry Joyner
Abelardo Juarez P’21 and Dina Juarez P’21


Bryan Kahl P’18 and Marsha Kahl P’18
Ed Kain
Barbara Kana P’21
Michelle Kana P’21
Mona Lowman Kandeler ’65 P’94 and Fred Kandeler ’64 P’94
Peter Kardon
Lena Karrett P’22 and James Karrett P’22
Tracy Karschnik P’20 and Kevin Karschnik P’20
Reema Kasavich
Lorri Kasper P’08
Linda Katz
Hue Lee Kaung
Jill Kear-Jones P’22 and Harold Jones P’22
Jim Kehoe
Michael Kehoe
Weldon Kelley and Rhodo Kelley
Rex Kellums
Barbara Kelly Okerberg ’69 P’98 and David Okerberg P’98
Jill Kelly P’21 and Frank Kelly P’21
Lane Kelly and Ennis Kelly
Larry Kelly P’95 and Edna Kelly P’95
Terry Kelly P’19 and Kari Kelly P’19
Jesse Kempf
Barbara Bohmfalk Kendall ’61
Bert Kennedy
Bruce Kennedy P’23
Randy Kennedy
Matt Kerrigan
Aja Kessler
Randall Kettle P’93 and Theresa Kettle P’93
Milton Key
John Keys P’20 and Yolanda Keys P’20
Robert Kilburn
Kenny Kilday
Skip Kilmer P’92
Mary Ann Kimes
Christina Kincaid P’23
Allen King
Gregory King
Leigh King
Stanley King and Ellen King
Douglas Kinkel P’06 and Deborah Kinkel P’06
Karen Kinnison
Dixon Kinser
Nigel Kirby
Gary Kistler
Norman Kittrell
Gail Klaveness
Brad Klein
Toni Kline P’17 and Matthew Kline P’17
Garrett Klinger
James Klyng and Barbara Klyng
Myles Knape
Linda Knapp
Kurt Knight-Turcan P’19 and Michelle Knight-Turcan P’19
Shannon Knisely
Dale Knobel and Tina Knobel
David Kobersmith
Billie Koch
Mary Koch P’92
Jason Koenig
Rena Koinis P’14 and Mike Koinis P’14
Howard Koo
Joe Koonce
Michael Kopychak
Nancy Kotlarz P’16 and George Kotlarz P’16
Stavros Koutroulis
Thomas Kowalski
Frank Krasovec and Margaret Krasovec
Carolyn Krcha P’01
Gary Kreger
Linda Krix
Larry Krolikowski P’20
Brian Kuberski P’20 and Jodie Kuberski P’20
Lee Kunkel
Mark Kuras P’23 and Patricia Kruas P’23
Nancy Northington Kurio ’64 P’89 and Gerald Kurio ’64 P’89
Michael Kuznar P’22 and Lynette Kuznar P’22
Miriam Kuznets


Darryl Labens P’19 and Mary Labens P’19
Steve Lacker P’16 and Ann Lacker P’16
Karen Lade
Brent Laffitte
Ricky LaFosse
Yingsan Lai and Nancy Lai
Diana Laing
Tony Lam
Gwen Lambert P’80
Kenneth Lambert ’56 P’80 and Gwen Lambert P’80
Emily Lammert
Kermit Lancaster P’11 and Sarah Lancaster P’11
Michael Land
Marty Landon P’18 P’14 and Denise Landon P’18 P’14
Eleanor Wisler Landrum ’58 P’83
Jon Lange
Donna Langston P’17 and Scott Langston P’17
Kathryn Langwell
Dixie Larson
Peter Lassen P’01 and Carol Lassen P’01
Paul Lastrapes
J.W. Latham
Marion Lawler ’87 P’22 and Marcela Lawler P’22
Brian Lawrence
Louise Lawrence
Carole Lawson
Jason Lay
Gary Lazarus and Carol Lazarus
Jesus Leal P’19 and Peggy Leal P’19
Claudia Lee
Peter Leede P’18 P’21
Michael Leeds
Ben Leese
John Lefevre P’22 P’23 and Angie Lefevre P’22 P’23
Meghan Lefrancois-Hanson
Rodney Leis
George Lellios
Arthur Leman P’22 and Rebekah Leman P’22
Sharon St. Lawrence Lemons ’62 P’94 and David Lemons ’63 P’94
Shawn Lennartson P’19
Robert Leonard P’16 and WonJa Leonard P’16
Zach Leonard
Adam Lerner
Daniel Lesikar
Edmund Lesko
Carry Lester P’22 and Chris Lester P’22
Steven Letch P’23 and Andrea Letch P’23
Dawn Lettie
Stanley Leung
Debbie Lewis P’03
John Lewis and Lisa Lewis
Robert Libby P’21 and Karen Libby P’21
Carl Lieb P’07 and Joyce Lieb P’07
Elizabeth Liese
Gladys Wilkinson Liese ’42 P’73
Dan Light
Rodney Light P’17 and Mary Beth Light P’17
John Lillie
John Lind P’01 and Barb Lind P’01
Robin Lindberg
Michael Lindner
Alan Lindsey
Brian Linek
Jamie Lipman P’23
Len Littlefield P’19 and Terri Littlefield P’19
Gretchen Liu
Wanzen Liu P’22 and Keiichi Kobayashi P’22
Beth Lloyd P’20 and Mickey Lloyd P’20
Reta Lloyd
Amanda Lobkowicz P’22 and Thomas Lobkowicz P’22
Cindy Locke and Tom Locke
Nikki Lockett
Eric Lockridge
Kent Logan
Phil Lohec and Kay Lohec
Nicole Lolley P’22 and James Craig Lolley Lolley P’22
Jeff Londa P’99
Glenn Longley
Maria Longley P’23 and Kyle Longley P’23
Mike Long P’07 and Melody Long P’07
John Lopez ’89 P’21 and Molly McKee Lopez ’91 P’21
Jose Lopez P’18 and Leyla Lopez P’18
Keta Lopez P’19 and Walter Lopez P’19
Laurie Lopez P’22 and Carlos Lopez P’22
Donna Lopiano
Griff Lord P’97 P’01 and Kathy Lord P’97 P’01
Steven Lorenz
Svetlana Loshakov
Sharon Lotz
Mitchell Lou
Judette Louis
Tim Lovaas
Eric Love
Dot Lovett
Rebecca Lowe
Faith Lowry
Jerry Lucas
Cathy Luccock
Cesario Lucero P’20 and Cynthia Lucero P’20
Sally Ludwig P’22 and Stephen Ludwig P’22
Alana Lugo
Pat Fletcher Lukert ’63 P’88 and John Lukert ’63 P’88
Kin Lum
Dana Luna P’20 P’13 P’14 and Joe Luna P’20 P’13 P’14
Jose Luna
Sean Lundy P’17 P’22 and Sarah Lundy P’17 P’22


William Maak
Robert MacDonald P’22
Joanie Westervelt Macferran ’72 P’99
Mary Macferran P’99
Sam Macferran ’72 P’99 and Mary Macferran P’99
Eva Mackey
Padmaja Madina P’20 and Munavar Madina P’20
Bruce Madison
Bill Maedgen
Jeff Magee
Robert Magnon P’16 and Karen Magnon P’16
Nadia Mahannah P’22 and Jesse Mahannah P’22
Jane Mallon P’89
Krista Maloney P’22 and Timothy Maloney P’22
David Mandelbaum P’19 and Moira Dolan P’19
Glen Manis
Clare Mansholt P’21 and John Mansholt P’21
Joseph Mansour P’18 and Amal Mansour P’18
Alexia Marcoux-Zorrilla
Tom Marcum
David Marek
Joanne Marquis
Ron Marr
Donald Marrs ’56 and Melba Marrs
Melba Marrs
Cynthia Martin
David Martin
Carlos Martinez-Quinonez P’14 and Isabel Menendez Martinez P’14
Alberto Martinez P’19 and Doreen Martinez P’19
Janet Martinez P’11 and Eugene Huskey P’11
Russell Martin and Janet Martin
Gail Massey
Matt Masters P’13 and Linda Masters P’13
Jeirenne Masterson
Tina Mathers
Bibby Mathew
Kevin Mathis P’10 and Fonda Mathis P’10
Travis Mathis ’88 P’17 and Bettina Mathis P’17
Keller Matthews and Connie Matthews
Margaret Matthews
Mike Matthews ’75 P’07 P’00 and Carol Pitzer Matthews ’75 P’07 P’00
Neal Matthews ’67 P’95
Patti Matthews P’22
Joann Maurer
James Mayfield
Joe Maynard
Ify Mbue ’22
Lynn McAllister
Jack McBrayer
Michael McCaffrey P’22 and Thuy McCaffrey P’22
Stacy McCain P’22 and Rodney McCain P’22
Don McCall
Jennifer McCall P’21 and Brian Cyr P’21
Pati McCandless and Bruce McCandless
Brian McCann
Bryan McCasland
Pat McClatchy P’82
Ola McClendon
Susie Stark McClung ’62 P’90
Brent McClure P’20 P’23 and Susanna Meriwether P’20 P’23
Wayne McClure and Mrs. Margie McClure
Kevin McCormack P’22 P’18 P’16 P’20 and Jeannie McCormack P’22 P’18 P’16 P’20
Dan McCuistion
Albert McCullin ’54 P’79 P’81
Marshall McDade P’19 and Gwendolyn McDade P’19
Candace McDaniel P’83
Reginald McDaniel ’58 P’83 and Candace McDaniel P’83
Becky McDonald
Sharon McDonald
Jim McDonough P’09 and Myriam McDonough P’09
Pam McDonough P’22 and Cole McDonough McDonough P’22
Derek McDowell P’20 and Grace McDowell P’20
Doug McDurham P’16 P’20 and Robin McDurham P’16 P’20
Brenda McEntire P’13 P’11
Carol McGaughey P’04 and Doug McGaughey P’04
Ann McGinley
Neil McGinn
Michele McGlyn Hedgcock
Andrew Mcgown
Tim McGuire
Renee McKay
Jeff McKee P’16 and Cindy McKee P’16
Mike McKee and Joan McKee
Paul McKneely
Patricia McLaren
Jamie McLean
Kevin McMahon and Karen McMahon
Sue McMillin
Mark McPhail ’80 P’08 and Rhonda McPhail P’08
Morton McPhail P’07 and Suzanne McPhail P’07
Tracy McVeigh P’22 and Andrew Melitz P’22
Pati Meadows
Mary Medley ’74 P’11 and Bob Cloud P’11
James Meier
Jason Meise
Kimberly Meloncon P’22 and Steven Meloncon Meloncon P’22
Victor Mendez and Michelle Mendez
Patricia Meredith
Lee Merritt ’90 P’20 and Chrisie Moulds Merritt ’88 P’20
Chris Mesquiti P’19 and Norma Mesquiti P’19
Barry Meyer P’20 and Kathleen Meyer P’20
Coleen Meyer
Marie Meyer
Steven Meyer P’23
John Miceli
Lee Michaud P’97
Penny Mickan
Mike Middleton ’85 P’16 P’13 P’20 and Darla Middleton P’16 P’13 P’20
Carol Miller
Jane Miller
John Miller P’20
Linda Miller P’20
Mark Miller
Mike Miller
Skip Miller ’62 and Sandra Elliott Miller ’63
Charles Millikan ’68 P’00 and Laura Millikan P’00
Taz Millis
Sharon Minelli
Gary Mink P’21 and Joyce Mink P’21
Matthew Minnick P’22 and Kimberly Minnick P’22
Natalie Minter-Plumlee
Genia Mitchell
Bill Mitchell
Ellen Miura P’22 and Steve Miura P’22
Alan Mize
Jeffrey Moeller P’18 and Stephanie Moeller P’18
Todd Moffatt P’20 and Alison Moffatt P’20
Rene Moland P’22 and Gary Moland P’22
Elizabeth Molidor
Miguel Molina
Daniel Montgomery P’20 and JoAnn Montgomery P’20
Janet Mood
Michelle Moon and Aaron Moon
Tim Moore ’75 P’04 and Nonie Anderson Moore ’72 P’04
James Moore P’19 and Kalina Moore P’19
Laura Moore
Lou Ann Moore P’18 and Don Moore P’18
Jerome Morales
Shelley Morales P’22
Annie Morien
Julie Morin
Manuel Morin P’19 and Francie Morin P’19
Charles Morris
Paul Morrisett
Larry Morris
Keith Morrison
Vicki Morrison
Gina Mosavi P’22 and Mike Mosavi P’22
Robert Moseley
Brandon Mosely
Marissa Moses
Gary Moss and Trina Moss
Richard Moss
Richard Mountain
Glynna Mouton
Don Mowen
Matthew Muller P’22
Genevieve Munch
Eleanor Munson P’22 and John Munson P’22
Tom Murphree
Frederick Murphy
Lonnie Murphy P’09 and Barbara Murphy P’09
Christopher Murray
Phil Murray
Greg Mustachia
John Myer
Blake Myers P’00 and Connie Myers P’00


Brian Nalle
Orlinda Naranjo
Danielle Nasra
Ben Nava P’17 and Lisa Nava P’17
Lisa Nava P’17
Gary Neal P’11 and Brigette Neal P’11
William Neale
Diana Nelson
Linda Nelson P’21 and Wendell Nelson P’21
Paul Nelson
Judit Nemet P’22 and Janos Haide P’22
Irving Nettles P’98
Ardia Neves
Garrett Newsom
Bill Nicholls
Carl Nicholls P’12 and Molly Nicholls P’12
Sulan Nichols
Ford Nielsen and Merry Nielsen
Jonathan Niess
Scott Nisson
Rob Nylund


Lisa O’Banan P’20 and Roy O’Banan P’20
Amy O’Neil P’14 and Daniel O’Neil P’14
Richard O’Neil P’09 and Amy O’Neil P’09
Conor O’Sullivan
Gary Oakes
Kanon Okada
David Okerberg P’98
Ben Oliver
Paul Oliver
Terri Olney P’02
Charlie Olson ’78 P’08 and Kris Olson P’08
Dixie Olson
Elliot Olson
Savannah Olson P’19
Scott Olson and Luci Olson
Therese Olson
Seng Ooi ’60 P’98 and Helen Ooi P’98
Patty Oppel P’14
Carlos Orces P’19 and Cecilia Orces P’19
Ben Orgain ’78 P’09 and Kathy Williams Orgain ’81 P’09
Jason Orr
Andria Orsak
Charles Osgood P’19 and Kathy Osgood P’19
Jack Oster
David Ouyang and Kim Ouyang
Michael Ouyang and Marie Ouyang
Sarah Owens
Saleem Oza P’21
John Ozmun ’67 and Becki Ozmun


Tommye Pace
Chamiza Pacheco de Alas
Kevin Pacotti
Ray Page ’84 P’13 and Sheila Page P’13
Tanner Page
Tom Paice
Bruce Painchaud P’13 and Kathy Lewis Painchaud P’13
Jerrold Paine
Michelle Palaganas
Joe Paredes
Carl Parker
Thom Parker P’12 and Kerry Parker P’12
Jane Wheat Parks ’66
Matt Parmet
Peter Parrott and Jan Fambro
James Paskowitz
Jerry Pate P’13 and Lucy Pate P’13
Sharon Patermuehl
Stephen Pate
Margaret Patison
Russell Patten
Neil Patterson King ’92 P’22 and Roger King P’22
Jeff Patton P’20 and Jennifer Patton P’20
Robert Patton and Elisa Patton
Douglas Paulson P’15 and Diane Paulson P’15
Lauren Paver
Tibor Pavleszek
Calvin Payton P’21 P’18
George Ann Peace
Helena Peacock
Richard Pearce
Gregg Pearson P’22 and Amanda Pearson P’22
Mike Pearson P’14 and Shirley Pearson P’14
Lori Peck P’23
Terry Pekar
Sean Pellegrino
Luke Pell
Margot Perez P’22
Miro Perez
Igor Perisic P’21 and Sophie Perisic P’21
Jan Perkins ’86 P’12 and Wayne Spears P’12
John Perkins
Bill Perry
R.J. Perz-Edwards
David Petersen
Earl Peterson P’02 P’06 and Betty Peterson P’02 P’06
Ellsworth Peterson ’55 P’84 P’88 and Sue Peterson P’84 P’88
Thomas Petterson P’16 and Elaine Petterson P’16
Cassie Pfeifer P’21 and Justin Pfeifer P’21
Rachel Phillips
Ron Pierce
Ben Pilcher P’95 and Melissa Pilcher P’95
Cassandra Pina
Audra Pineda Strubbe
Sue Ann Pinger
Michelle Pinion
Anthony Pintarelli
Michelle Piotrowski
Joan Poerschke
Tracy Poerschke P’22 and Eric Poerschke P’22
Kevin Pollock P’19 and Tera Pollock P’19
Mary Ponder
Becky Pool
Eyal Porat P’21 and Orly Porat P’21
Darwin Poritz P’10
Leslie Porter P’22 and John Porter P’22
Steve Poston
Ken Poteete and Susan Poteete
Marcia Potempa P’21
Richard Powers and Christine Powers
Jamye Whatley Pressly ’55 P’89
Ann Price P’19 and Dennis Abbott P’19
Barbara Price
E.B. Price
Ed Price
Jonaphine Price
Marie-Clare Prisco
Nelson Puett
Tripp Puhl P’20 and Kerri Puhl P’20
James Pulatie P’20 and Martha Pulatie P’20
Demosesneeds Punchard
Karen Purdy
Dennis Pustka P’19 and Kathy Pustka P’19
Jared Pyka
Sarah Rathbun Pyles ’96 P’21 and Spencer Pyles P’21


Jesus Quetzeri P’21 and Tatiana Quetzeri P’21
Marcel Quimby
Kenneth Quinlan
Lana Quintero P’17 and John Quintero P’17
Greg Quisenberry


Susan Radde
Susie Hughes Ragsdale ’62 P’95
Saroj Rai P’22 and Shamim Ahmed P’22
Cecilia Rain
Peggy Raish
Lilianna Rajtak-Muller P’22 and Matthew Muller P’22
Macario Ramirez
Harold Ramm ’69 P’92
Naomi Ramm
Jana Marie Ramsay ’82 P’19 and John Stark P’19
Ann Cater Ramsey ’67 P’93 and Russell Ramsey ’66 P’93
Barbara Ramsey
Alex Rand
Jim Randolph
Marc Raney ’69 P’02 and Gail Todd Raney ’71 P’02
Angel Rangel
Miguel Rangel
James Ranone
Len Rao P’19 and Kelly Wimberly P’19
Jayne Raquepaw
Ricky Raven P’20 and Felicia Raven P’20
Terri Rawls
Candace Ray P’22
David Ray
Randolph Raynolds
Ruth Simons Ray ’52 P’84 P’77 P’75 and Joe Ray ’51 P’84 P’77 P’75
David Reed P’13 and Patti Reed P’13
Mike Reed
John Reeves and Nancy Reeves
James Reimund and Robin Reimund
Brian Reinhardt ’76 P’00 and Lynn Reinhardt P’00
June Relyea P’22 and Gregory Relyea P’22
Merric Ressling
Hellen Revelle
Annabelle Battle Revis ’67 P’93
Rusty Rex
Arturo Reyes
David Reynolds
Jana Reynolds P’22 and Jeffery Reynolds P’22
Kimberly Reynolds
Sara Schucany Reynolds ’71 P’05 and John Reynolds ’71 P’05
Melanie Rhode P’22 and Richard Rhode P’22
Kathy Rhoden
Debra Richard P’21 and James Richard P’21
Gail Richard
J.J. Richards
Mandy Richardson
Patti Richards
Rusty Richards P’22 P’18 and Tricia Richards P’22 P’18
Mikah Richey P’22
Walter Richter
Anna Johnson Ricker ’88 P’16 and Phil Ricker ’85 P’16
Linda Grubb Riley ’71 P’96 P’99 and John Riley ’71 P’96 P’99
Sandra Ritz P’20
Janey Rives
Scott Rizzo
Patty Ro-Trock and Kelton Ro-Trock
Kaki Harris Roark ’64 P’91
Joel Robbins
Terry Robbins
Jennifer Roberts P’22
Karen Roberts P’13
Norman Roberts
Beverly Robertson
Connie Robertson
Margie Robertson
Mary Robertson
Stu Roberts ’86 P’13 and Karen Roberts P’13
Thomas Roberts
Linda Kay Main Robinette ’65 P’98
Marcia Robitaille
Tobin Rockley
Brett Rodgers P’20 P’21 and Sharon Rodgers P’20 P’21
Robert Rodgers P’15 and Virginia Rodgers P’15
Becky Rodriguez P’15 and Tony Rodriguez P’15
David Rodriguez P’19 and Josephine Rodriguez P’19
Eveli Rodriguez
Felipe Rodriguez P’19 and Tammy Rodriguez P’19
Megan Rodriguez
Gordon Roe ’57 P’83 and Patsy Roe P’83
Doug Rogers
Jeffery Rogers P’17 and Kristen Rogers P’17
Justin Rojo
Jimmy Romell
Jesus Romero P’16 P’19 and Alma Romero P’16 P’19
Jeff Roper and Claudia Roper
Erika Ruppel Rorer ’94 P’22 and Stuart Rorer P’22
Francisco Rosario P’20 and Lita Rosario P’20
Randi Rosenkrantz P’22 and Marty Rosenkrantz P’22
Myron Rosen P’19 and Maria Sanchez P’19
Buddy Ross ’57 P’87 P’85 P’83 and Fanny Ross P’87 P’85 P’83
Fanny Ross P’87 P’85 P’83
Julie Ross
Karen Ross
Michele Ross
Robert Ross ’57 P’82 P’84 and Shelley Mitchell Ross ’57 P’82 P’84
Jodi Rowe
Desi Roybal P’21 and Eileen Margaret Roybal P’21
Thomas Royce
Edward Rubush
Aaron Ruhnow
Michael Rumery
Gregg Rushing P’20 and Julie Rushing P’20
Lewis Rushing and Carolyn Rushing
Ruthann Rushing
Brooke Russell
Kristen Russell P’21 and Jeff Russell P’21
Larry Russell ’73 P’05
Andy Rutherford
Paul Rutt P’22 and Deborah Rutt P’22


Dan Sabella and Emily Sabella
Gaynell Sachse and David Sachse
S. C. Saenger P’13 and Andrea Saenger P’13
Doug Safarik
Katy Safarik
Jeffrey Sager
Ryan Salathe
Richard Salinas
Debbi Salls
Thomas Salmon P’22
Michael Salyer
Ernesto Sanchez de Tagle P’22 and Alejandra Cardenas P’22
Hector Sanchez P’22 and Leonor Andrade P’22
Anna Sandberg
Erica Sandberg
Troy Sanderfer
Al Sanders ’54 P’84 and Shirley Oliver Sanders ’56 P’84
James Sandham
Gregory Sandine
Ady Sandoval P’22 and Juan Sandoval P’22
Mike Santos P’22 and Kim Santos P’22
Marsha Santry
Joseph Sapienza
Karl Sapienza P’19 P’15 and Pamela Sapienza P’19 P’15
Paul Sarahan P’23
Fayez Sarofim and Mrs. Fayez Sarofim
Suzanne Sauder P’22
Randy Savage ’66 P’08 P’97 and Kathy Alger Savage ’67 P’08 P’97
Edward Schaefer
Bob Schilling
Jacqueline Schmidt
Lana Schmidt P’19
Wildon Schmidt
Urs Schmid
Celeste Scholl
Janet Scholl
Jeff Schorr P’20 and Julie Schorr P’20
Terecia Conder Schroeder ’61 P’85 P’87
Jake Schrum ’68 P’00 P’05 and Jane Woodman Schrum ’70 P’00 P’05
Nelia Schrum
Ron Schultz P’20 and Courtney Schultz P’20
Susan Schwab
Christopher Scott P’21 and Dawn Scott P’21
David Scott P’20 and Paige Scott P’20
Roscoe Scott P’19 and Siobhan Scott P’19
Shelley Scott
Tom Scroggins P’17 and Deb Scroggins P’17
Julie Seale
Jack Seals ’53 P’76 and Evelyn Seals P’76
Cynthia Searcy
Guss Searcy P’19 and Suzy Searcy P’19
Deborah Secord
Lonnie Seek P’20 and Kristina Seek P’20
Dan Seilheimer P’05 and Barbara Reid P’05
Linda Selander
Eric Selbin P’15 and Helen Cordes P’15
Doug Self
Fred Sellers P’01 and Kathy Sellers P’01
Judith Ledbetter Sellers ’65 and Kenneth Sellers
Barb Selz P’21 and Michael Selz P’21
Shawn Senavinin
Pete Sessions ’78 P’12 and Karen Sessions P’12
Jim Shafer P’21
Bernice Shainman
Carl Shaulis ’83 P’22 and Paty Shaulis P’22
George Shawrieh
Wilbur Shen
James Shepherd and Judy Shepherd
Michael Sheppard ’82 P’13 P’10 and Cindy Truax Sheppard ’81 P’13 P’10
Ben Sherman
Lauren Sherman
Craig Sherry
Ken Shields
Mark Shields P’19 and Amy Shields P’19
Craig Shimizu
Laura Shipman P’21 and Loyd Shipman P’21
Tom Shockley P’92 P’93 and Dorothy Shockley P’92 P’93
Paul Shubert
Bob Shull P’92
Christie Shuller
Donald Siems
Nick Sikes P’94 and Marji Sikes P’94
Catherine Sikora
Seneca Silkenson
Ray Simecek ’65 P’07 P’91
Joel Simka
David Simon
Deborah Simon
Bill Simpson
Jan Simpson P’96
Libby Sims
Becky Sinclair P’20 and Greg Sinclair P’20
Trey Sippial
John Skidmore
Jan Skovbjerg
Josh Slade
Dave Slater
Richard Slaton
Betty Clendenin Slaughter ’52 P’76 P’80
Candice Yeary Sloan ’78 P’09 and Joseph Sloan P’09
Dan Sloat
Peter Slover P’20 and Catharine Slover P’20
Kris Smetana
Andy Smith ’79 P’06 and Robyn Smith P’06
Anita Smith
Ann Smith
Beth Smith
Buddy Smith
Cathryn Smith
Christopher Smith P’18 and Ivonne Smith P’18
David Smith
Gordon Smith
Hank Smith ’66 P’93 and Sarah Harris Smith ’68 P’93
Hildon Smith P’20
Mrs. James L. Smith
Jeff Smith P’08 and Leah Smith P’08
Jerry Jay Smith ’55 P’85 P’79 and Betty Jasperson Smith ’52 P’85 P’79
Joseph Smith
Lori Smith
Melissa Smith P’23 and Craig Smith P’23
Patricia Smith
Paula Young Smith and Ernest Smith
Robyn Smith P’06
Scott Smith P’17 and Karen Smith P’17
Mischelle Smoot and Brian Smoot
Bill Smothermon P’05 and Peggi Smothermon P’05
Michelle Snell
Ken Snodgrass P’07 and Tracy Snodgrass P’07
Steve Sockler
Jason Soles
Dana Solomon
Michael Solomon
Bob Soulen P’83 P’79 and Lola Soulen P’83 P’79
Tom Sourbeer
Eric South
Linda Southwick
Christopher Spalding
Dan Spalding P’19 and Riane Spalding P’19
Malinda Sparks P’21
Rob Sparks P’21
Roy Sparks and Jennifer Sparks
Brian Spaulding
David Spaulding P’20 and Bethany Spaulding P’20
Wayne Spears P’12
James Speck ’61 P’82 and Nan Baugh Speck ’60 P’82
Kathleen Spellman
Mark Spellmann ’74 and Sandra Spellmann
Sandra Spellmann
Joseph Spigel
Susan Spitzer
Jana Springer
David St. Louis
Jane Stafford ’74 P’09
Wes Stafford P’09
Leighton Stallones ’62 P’88 and Sandra Stallones P’88
Larry Stanberry ’70 P’08 and Elizabeth Stanberry P’08
Gregory Stancel
Jennifer Stanton
Jan Stanzeski and Chester Stanzeski
Alice Starnes
Bill Starodub P’99 and Pat Starodub P’99
Daniel Staskawicz P’20 and Kristina Staskawicz P’20
Kenny Stavinoha
Timothy Steele
Johnny Steen P’22 and Patti Matthews P’22
Charles Steger
James Stein P’19 and Carla Stein P’19
Sam Stengler
Kathy Stephens
Kenton Stephens
Frances Bethea Stephenson ’49 P’72
Richard Sterger P’22
Karin Stern
Larry Stevener
Randy Stevens
Bob Stewart
Catherine Stewart
Ellen Stewart ’93 P’20 and Dean Tesmer P’20
Renee Stewart
Russell Stith P’19 and Cheri Stith P’19
Mary Ann Stockard
Cindy Stokes P’22 and Nick Stokes P’22
Brad Stoltz
Gloria Stone
Larry Stone P’19 and Jane Rohr P’19
Petra Stone
Andrew Stotts
Karen Stovall
Kim Stowers
Sheila Stowers P’22 and Greg Stowers P’22
Cindi Straup P’18 and Todd Straup P’18
Dieter Strauss and Rossy Strauss
Henry Straw
Robin Strawn
Jeffrey Stringer
Michael Stroeher
Nancy Strong P’18 and Peter Strong P’18
Carl Strukely
Michael Stryker
Charles Stuart P’18
Neta Stubblefield
Mark Studer
Paul Stueck and Peggy Harlow
Alice Schorre Stultz ’72 P’98 and Dan Stultz ’72 P’98
Kenneth Sturges
Bart Sturzl
Jennifer Styrsky
Jamie Suarez P’22 and Edmundo Suarez P’22
Sivaram Sudhakar P’08 and Sathi Sudhakar P’08
Frank Sudkamp
John Suek
Alex Suescun P’21 and Mariela Suescun P’21
Glen Suhren
Bill Sullivan
Charlotte Sullivan
Mary Summers
John Sutton
Bruce Swanson
Dana Swope P’19
Robin Sykora P’16 and Jim Sykora P’16
Betty Sylvester


Diswal Takasaheng
Philip Talarcek
Jenny Tan P’22
Oranuj Tan and Peakl Tan
Shozo Tanaka
Dennis Tanguay P’06 P’08 and Rhonda Tanguay P’06 P’08
Lindsey Tape P’19 and May Tape P’19
John Tarlton
Joanne Tarman
Robert Tate
Helene Tatum
Jennifer Tatum
Blair Taylor
Bob Taylor P’20 and Missi Taylor P’20
Catherine Taylor
Connie Roberts Taylor ’75 P’17 and Steve Taylor P’17
Gregory Taylor
Louise Taylor
Rob Taylor
Robert Taylor
Ryan Taylor
Steve Taylor P’17
Randy Teich
Jeff Terrell
Baylah Tessier-Sherman
Beth Riley Thames ’73 P’99 and John Thames ’74 P’99
Robert Tharp P’95 and Rosalie Tharp P’95
Christina Corovessis Theile ’93 P’22 and John Theile P’22
Patricia Theodos
Melissa Thinger P’22 and Paul Thinger P’22
Andy Thomas P’18 and Jennifer Thomas P’18
James Thomas
John Thomas
Sherry Thomas
Jerry Thompson
Karen Thompson P’12
Melissa Thompson P’21 and Mark Thompson P’21
Paul Thompson P’22 and Darla Thompson P’22
Tracie Thompson P’23 and Terry Thompson P’23
Verdine Thompson
Reesa Thorne
James Tien
Susan Timourian P’17 and Derek Timourian P’17
L. Tipperreiter
Stephen Tipps and Pamalah Tipps
Chris Tipton
Tricia Tipton
Jesse Tobar
Kathleen Todd
Kurt Toliver P’22 and Leshia Toliver P’22
Christine Tomasides P’22 and Harry Tomasides P’22
Kelton Tonn
Pam Traylor
Carol Treible
Dan Tremaine
Barry Tripp
Sigrid Tristan
Mike Trodden
Greg Trosclair
Thomas Trost P’87 and Theresa Trost P’87
Dawa Tsering
Rob Tulloh
Jannae Tunnell ’82 P’18 and Ed Wilson P’18
Jim Turlington P’22 and Mary Turlington P’22
Brenda Turner
Rose Turner
Yvonne Turner P’21 and Raymond Turner P’21
Savannah Tuttle
Steve Tuttle
Betsy Tyson


Carolyn Ulrickson-Jenkins
Don Underwood ’70 P’02 and Bobby Underwood P’02
Curtis Utz


Jason Valendy
Debra Valis P’21 and Angel Toro P’21
April Vallejo
Amy Van Dorfy
Jack Van Hartesvelt
Matthew Van Orden
Chris Van Wyk
Melody Vander Straten
John Vardiman ’57 P’88 and Bradna Vardiman P’88
Wendy Varnell P’22 and Peter Varnell P’22
James Varner and Shirley Varner
Laura Vasut P’21 and Charlie Vasut P’21
Heather Vaughan
Cory Vaughn P’20 and Tara Vaughn P’20
Elizabeth Venable ’77
Laura Venhaus
Frank Verducci
Kewal Verma P’05 and Diane Verma P’05
Lory Vernon
Eric Vezie
Pat Vickers
Michael Vieau
Alfredo Vilas P’22 and Marcia Vilas P’22
Marcia Vilas P’22
Manuel Villa P’17 P’14 and Nancy Villa P’17 P’14
Doug Vilsack
Fay Vincent
Jory Vincent
Kelly Vinton
Lenny Vitullo P’20 and Holly Vitullo P’20
Eric Voigt
Peter Voigt
Emily Volk P’21 and Daniel Mais P’21
Ana Volpe P’21 and John Volpe P’21
Shannon Nunnelley Vrba ’90 P’22 and Donald Vrba P’22


Loretta Waclawczyk P’20
Paul Wadehra P’20
Thomas Wagner
Jeff Waldman
JoAnn Waldrop
Jim Walinder
H.D. Walker
John Walker
Cheri Wallace
Jennifer Wallis
Kent Wall
Clyde Walls P’08 and Eliza Walls P’08
Barry Walter
Scot Walter
Jim Walzel P’83 and Pat Walzel P’83
David Wasson
Stephanie Watson
Carol Watts P’19
Cary Weaver
Gene Weaver-Lucero P’19
Michael Weaver
Rad Weaver and Ashley Weaver
Michael Webster
Rachel Merrill Weddell ’87 and Ron Weddell
Ron Weddell
Phil Wedemeyer and Nancy Wedemeyer
Willis Weigand P’14 and Cindy Weigand P’14
Keith Weiland
Larry Weiss
Simon Weiss
Rhonwyn Rathert Weissman ’68 P’97 and Louis Weissman P’97
Ronald Weitenhagen
Lisa Welch
Richard Welch ’48 P’72
Troy Wells P’22
Robert Welsh P’19 and Alyssa Greenspan P’19
Sue Welter
Kelly Weselman
Dwayne West
Kevin West
Shirley Weston
A Whalen
Calvin Whatley
Mark Wheeler
Chris Whewell
David Whipple
Brian White
James White
Leanne White P’23 and David White P’23
Mary Ann Springer Whitfield ’56 P’80
Jana Whitehurst
Melodie Whitley
Gary Whitlock P’09 and Pam Whitlock P’09
Jennifer Whitman
Kate Widner
Bill Wiemers ’55 P’83 P’80 and Janey Smith Wiemers ’54 P’83 P’80
Bill Wiese
Ken Wilhelm P’19 and Debbie Wilhelm P’19
Katina Wilhite P’22 and Gordon Wilhite P’22
Becky Williams P’15
Bob Williams ’58 P’89 P’91 P’86 and Nancy Williams P’89 P’91 P’86
Caitte Williams
D’Ann Williams
Daniel Williams P’20 and Sydrah Williams P’20
Dave Williams
David Williams
Gordon Williams P’19 and Penney Williams P’19
Mary Williams P’80 P’79
Randa Williams
Stewart Williams ’77 P’15 and Becky Williams P’15
Betty Williamson
Garret Willis
Allen Wilson
Carol Wilson
Dale Wilson
Darien Kubik Wilson ’93 P’22 and Joe Wilson ’92 P’22
Ed Wilson P’18
Jacob Wilson
Nancy Wilson P’18 and Mike Wilson P’18
Nancy Wilson P’85
John Windbigler
Richard Wingfield
Jess Winkler
Judy Franze Winn ’69 P’95
Karen Winn
Ronald Winn
Alex Winslow
Will Winston P’22
Patricia Winter P’12
John Withers P’15 and Mojgan Withers P’15
Catherine Wolf and Joel Wolf
Brian Wolfe
Alec Wolk P’19 and Bridget Wolk P’19
Eleanor Wong
John Woodward
Keith Woolfolk P’20 and Traci Woolfolk P’20
Dan Worley ’77 P’08 and Karen Worley P’08
Matt Worley ’80 P’08 and Donna Carter Worley ’80 P’08
Bob Worth and Judy Worth
Doug Wright


Ling Xu


Anthony Yanez
Nathan Yang
Joan Yannon P’20
Elizabeth Yeager P’17
John Yelverton
Bridget Yeung P’09
Karen York P’02
Darrel Young ’61 P’89 and Barbara Smith Young ’63 P’89
David Young P’02 and Lynn Young P’02
Elmer Young
Randall Young P’22
Susan Youngblood


Robert Zearfoss ’84 P’13 and Patricia Zearfoss P’13
Leo Zorrilla P’92 P’90
Russell Zunker
Jurate Zuzeviciene P’19