Board of Visitors

Members of the Board of Visitors are appointed by the President of the University and serve as advocates and advisers through their professional and personal networks. The Board of Visitors assists Southwestern in accomplishing long-term objectives as a top-ranked national liberal arts college.

Ramona Adams
Brent Austin*
Nelson Avery
Ben Boorman ’02*
Joan Bray ’67*
Lynn Costlow ’95
Drew Duncan
Virginia Hyde Dupuy ’71*
Anna Eby ’05
Ed Ellis ’64*
Brittany Fondren ’11
Glen Garey
Elaine Garrett Brock
Justin Gould ’98*
Karen Hanson-Flowers ’75*
Marvin Henderson*
Winell Herron
Carolyn Holloway*
Glover Johnson ’89
Steve Gardner ’82*
Todd Kimbrough ’96
Michael Knisely ’99*
Dale Knobel
Frank Krasovec
Martin Landon
John Lebowitz
Tom Locke*
Jack Lyons ’75
Pierce MacGuire ’14*
Chris Mathers ’81*
Amanda McMillian ’95*
Sue McMillin*
Scott Neal ’84*
Caroline Negley ’08*
Kerry Parker
Jennifer Peel ’86*
Mike Pearson*
Claire Peel ’72*
Ken Poteete*
Stephen Ressling ’81*
Michelle Robertson
Doug Smith*
Mark Smith ’80
Wendy Smith ’88*
Cile Spelce Elley ’91
Harald Stanzer
Perry Steger
Billy Ray Stubblefield ’71*
Alice Schorre Stultz ’72*
Zach Symm ’08*
Ajay Thomas ’94*
Carl Tyson
Erin Manning Verducci ’93*
Fay Vincent*
Lorri White ’92*
Charlie Williams ’84
Jim Wilson ’69*
Elizabeth Yeager*
Miguel Zorrilla ’92