Board of Visitors

Members of the Board of Visitors are appointed by the President of the University and serve as advocates and advisers through their professional and personal networks. The Board of Visitors assists Southwestern in accomplishing long-term objectives as a top-ranked national liberal arts college.


President’s Council Member
Southwestern University recognizes individuals who have given $1,000 or more in the fiscal year 2018-2019, and includes our Tower Society members who represent our most committed young alumni donors. Each President’s Council member is vital to the success of Southwestern and enriches the Southwestern Experience for students.

1840 Society Member
1840 Society members support Southwestern University through deferred gifts. These gifts, although they are planned now, will be available to benefit the University in future years. Southwestern University is grateful to 1840 Society members who are preparing for the University’s future today.

Brown Society Member
Formed at the end of the historic Brown Challenge (1976-1996), the Brown Society was created to honor the loyal donor, and the Brown Family, who led the vision of sustaining annual gifts from alumni and friends, and recognizes consecutive year giving at every level.

Ramona Adams
Daryl M. Allen ’93
Melissa Torres Anderson ’92
A. Nelson Avery
Mike Barry P’21
Benjamin M. Boorman ’02
Joan Bray ’67
Michael Brewer
Turner M. Caldwell III ’71 P’92
Neal D. Carlson
Sharon Lord Daggett
Robbie Dodd ’95
Mark Easterly ’92
Anna L. Eby ’05
Billy Echols-Richter ’80 P’18
Edward H. Ellis, Jr. ’64 P’89
Laurie Gallun Fitzgerald ’97
Brittany A. Fondren ’11
Tom Forbes ’71
Stephen K. Gardner ’82
Bruce Gilmour ’74 P’05
Lizzette C. Gonzalez Reynolds ’87
Justin A. Gould ’98
Michael E. Hansen ’93
Karen Hanson-Flowers ’75 P’13
Sue Stauffer Harshman ’73
Marvin D. Henderson, Jr.
Carol Carr Cody Herder
Winell Herron
Thomas C. Herzig ’84
Carolyn G. Holloway
Carl Illig
Glover O. Johnson ’89
Todd F. Kimbrough ’96
Michael Knisely ’99
Michael S. Lade ’88
Martin J. Landon P’14 P’18
Jack A. Lyons ’75
Pierce P. MacGuire ’14
A. Erin Manning ’93
Lorie Kling Marrero ’90
Jay Marshall
Wm Chris Mathers ’81
Sue McMillin
Cassandra Moore McZeal ’92
Thomas Morin ’94
Caroline C. Negley ’08
Douglas A. Paisley II ’70 P’07
Claire E. Peel ’72
Jennifer L. Peel ’86
Kenneth W. Poteete
Bill Powers
Karen Little Preis ’80
Rex L. Preis ’81
R. Stephen Ressling ’81
Joshua Schroeder
Douglas Smith
Wendy M. Smith ’88
Cile Spelce ’91
Perry Steger
Veronica “Ronnye” Vargas Stidvent
Billy Ray Stubblefield ’71
Alice Schorre Stultz ’72 P’98
Zachary Symm ’08
Ajay Thomas ’94
Carl N. Tyson
Francis “Fay” Vincent
Lorri J. White ’92
Charles A. Williams ’84
James W. Wilson ’69
Robert E. Witt
Drew York ’02
M. Kate York ’02