Board of Trustees

Southwestern University’s Board of Trustees has the responsibility for the system of governance, academic life, student life, and the fiscal affairs of the University. They act as the policy making body of the University and, through their own actions, regulate to make its policies effective.

Daryl Allen ’93*
Jim Bankston ’70*
Suzanne Blake*
Tim Bruster*
Edward Burger*
Pam Slaughter Bush ’76*
Chris Cragg ’83*
John Curry ’70*
Bob Dupuy ’69*
Jack Garey*
Roberto Gomez ’69*
Bob Graham*
Larry Haynes ’72*
Ron Henderson*
Brian Jackson ’95*
Jean Janssen ’84*
Henry Joyner*
Bob Karr ’71*
Sylvia Sydow Kerrigan ’86*
Griff Lord*
Red McCombs ’49*
Mike McKee*
Mary Medley ’74*
Laura Merrill ’84*
Lynn Parr Mock ’83*
Ernie Nieto ’64*
Steve Raben ’63*
Bob Rork ’62*
Pete Sessions ’78*
Carson Severson ’15*
Tom Shockley*
Ken Snodgrass*
Blake Stanford ’81*
Dan Stultz ’72*
Stephen Tipps*
Don Underwood ’70*
Jim Walzel*
Kay Yeager*