1840 Society

1840 Society members support Southwestern University through deferred gifts. These gifts, although they are planned now, will be available to benefit the University in future years. Southwestern University is grateful to 1840 Society members who are preparing for the University’s future today.


President’s Council Member
Southwestern University recognizes individuals who have given $1,000 or more in the fiscal year 2018-2019, and includes our Tower Society members who represent our most committed young alumni donors. Each President’s Council member is vital to the success of Southwestern and enriches the Southwestern Experience for students.

1840 Society: New Member

Brown Society Member
Formed at the end of the historic Brown Challenge (1976-1996), the Brown Society was created to honor the loyal donor, and the Brown Family, who led the vision of sustaining annual gifts from alumni and friends, and recognizes consecutive year giving at every level.


Dee Weissinger Acker ’64 P’87 and Steve Acker P’87
Stephen Aechternacht
Jack Albright ’55 P’91 and Dana Albright P’91
Martin Aleman ’68 P’98 and Armida Truan Aleman ’74 P’98
Mary Cook Allen
Winn Alley ’74
Joanne Powers Austin ’74 and Brent Austin
Sherra Haygood Babcock ’70 and Jim Babcock
Roxanne Barnes ’91
Paul Bell ’71 and Patty Rundell Bell ’72
Doug Benold ’44 and Nell Barnes Benold ’48
Howard Bielss ’71
George Brightwell and Barbara Brightwell
Connie Hinshaw Brown ’67
Jan Westervelt Brown ’70 and John Brown
Robyn Greb Burchfiel ’89 and Steve Burchfiel
Bette Bradford Burton ’73 and Jerry Burton
Lucile Walker Byerley ’51 and Don Byerley ’52
Dean Calcote P’90 P’90
Bill Calhoun ’66 and Rose Calhoun
Carolyn Grubbs Cecil ’67
Tony Chivetta and Dolores Chivetta
Johnana Thames Clark ’69 and Stephen Clark
Carmin Cleavenger ’54
John Clifford ’69 and Bernie Clifford
Mary Ellen Clifford ’77
Steve Cotton ’77
Beverly Dague West ’54
Ildiko Davidson
Barbara Dennis
Virginia Hyde Dupuy ’71 and Bob Dupuy ’69
Rick Eason ’73 and Patty Schilling Eason ’84
Ed Ellis ’64 P’89 and Suzanne Morrow Ellis ’64 P’89
Cadie Fisher Evans ’94 and Walter P. Evans IV
Ann Parr Fancher ’50 P’77
Lee Silva Ferguson ’95 and Jim Ferguson
Tyree Finch and Anita Schmid
Thomas Forbes ’71
Anne Lewis Frame ’57
Erica Hogue Gannon ’00
Jack Garey
Martha Isbell Garmon ’82
Cecil Ghormley ’57
S. Michael Giblin ’75
Bruce Gilmour ’74 P’05 and Terry Gilmour P’05
Helen Hicks Groos ’74
Katherine Mood Gyorfi ’62 and Lance Gyorfi
Bretna Smith Hackert ’80 and Marv Hackert
April Hampton Perez ’89 and Miro Perez
Karen Hanson-Flowers ’75
Maxie Duran Hardin ’73 P’04
Bren Butler Hardt ’69 P’95 P’97 and Bill Hardt ’69 P’95 P’97
Ann Truog Hardy ’55 P’81 P’86 P’82
Bill Harrah and Joanne Harrah
Larry Haynes ’72 and Cheryl Hughes Haynes ’73
Julie Crain Heinitsh ’78
Marvin Henderson
Tom Herzig ’84 and Blair Taylor
Jill Hogue ’03
Carolyn Holloway
Michelle Hudson Yoxall ’89 P’19 and Dan Yoxall P’19
John Hudspeth ’71
Brian Jackson ’95
Jean Janssen ’84 and Stephen Pate
Richard Jenkins ’62
Katharine Strickler Johanns ’63
Kathy Johnson
Sheldon Johnson ’84
Hubert Jones ’61 and Vickie Jones
Michael Joseph ’82
Ed Kain
Thomas Kaung ’62
Huntley Kenesson ’63
Sylvia Sydow Kerrigan ’86 and Matt Kerrigan
Genie Hackenjos Kistler ’69
Beverly Bradberry Kitzman ’62 and Henry Kitzman ’61
Xan Sinclair Koonce ’05
Carol Lane ’64
Ruth Lange
John Lind P’01 and Barb Lind P’01
Cindy Locke and Tom Locke
Betty Lord
Janis Satterwhite Love ’68 and Dan Burdette
Karen Franta Love ’86 and Eric Love
Joan Graham Lufburrow ’81 and Steve Lufburrow ’81
Thomas Martin ’14
Tipton Masterson ’74
Joanne Mathis ’07 P’14 and Bob Mathis P’14
Carol McGaughey P’04 and Doug McGaughey P’04
Craig McKinney ’91
Hazel Leigh McRae ’89
Mary Medley ’74 P’11 and Bob Cloud P’11
Robert Messer ’52 and Patricia Messer
Carol Miller
Gaylon Morris ’87
Merriman Morton ’63
Teresa Myers ’77
Janet Durst Nicholls ’66
Bob Nielsen ’70 and Carol Nielsen
Toni Nelson Olsen ’70 and Ivor Olsen
Seng Ooi ’60 P’98 and Helen Ooi P’98
Claire Peel ’72
Jennifer Peel ’86
Virginia Peterson ’68
Kay Wiemers Peters ’83
Mary Curtner Powell ’57
Guy Pry ’50
Steve Raben ’63 and Patti Fairbend Raben ’65
Susie Hughes Ragsdale ’62 P’95
Marc Raney ’69 P’02 and Gail Todd Raney ’71 P’02
Ruth Simons Ray ’52 P’84 P’77 P’75 and Joe Ray ’51 P’84 P’77 P’75
Will Reed ’75 and Karen Reed
Boyd Reedy ’51 and Marion Schulze Atkins ’50
George Ricker P’85 and Frances Ricker P’85
Linda Grubb Riley ’71 P’96 P’99 and John Riley ’71 P’96 P’99
Bill Rives ’74 and Janey Rives
Linda Kay Main Robinette ’65 P’98
Bob Rork ’62 P’92 P’82 P’90 and Linda Rork P’92 P’82 P’90
Robert Ross ’57 P’82 P’84 and Shelley Mitchell Ross ’57 P’82 P’84
Ron Sandberg ’69 and Diane Greer Sandberg ’69
Al Sanders ’54 P’84 and Shirley Oliver Sanders ’56 P’84
Drew Sanders ’58
Al Schultz ’71 and Marjorie Stripling Schultz ’71
Deborah Selden ’72
Clyde Shaw ’71 and Barbara Turner Shaw ’71
Gwen Griffin Sherman ’80 and Ben Sherman
Edwin Silliman ’56
Roland Sledge ’68
Doug Smith
Jerry Jay Smith ’55 P’85 P’79 and Betty Jasperson Smith ’52 P’85 P’79
Wendy Smith ’88
Alice Starnes
Jodie Magness Steger ’89 and Charles Steger
Moss Thornton ’71
Mary Aubra Shirley Tidwell ’67
Mary Treuter
Janice Richmond Valdez ’80
Cara Sandstrum Walkup ’90
Leslie Wallis-Durham ’69 and Roger Durham
Michael Weir ’87 and Dori Wiles Weir ’85
John Whitehurst ’90 and Jana Whitehurst
Bill Wiemers ’55 P’83 P’80 and Janey Smith Wiemers ’54 P’83 P’80
Donald Willis ’57
Christina Wold Wilson ’91
Laurie Fisher Woodward ’85
Bob Worth and Judy Worth
Daniel Zorn ’88