Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I made a gift recently but my name is not listed on the Honor Roll.

    This year’s Honor Roll of Donors is based on all gifts received from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. All gifts received during that time are eligible to be listed in this year’s Honor Roll. If you made a gift on or after July 1, 2022, then your name will be published in the Honor Roll of Donors for 2023.

  2. My gift is able to be matched by my employer but I do not see their name on the list of Corporations and Foundations.

    We greatly appreciate your willingness to support Southwestern through a matching gift program! Many organizations who offer matching gifts may only send those gifts at set intervals during the year. You are encouraged to contact our Advancement Services Office by emailing to inquire about whether your matching gift was received. If Southwestern has not received your organization’s matching gift, you are encouraged to check with your employer to confirm the timing of their matching gift fulfillment.

  3. I have made several gifts to Southwestern over the years, why am I not listed as being part of the Brown Society?

    The Brown Society recognizes two or more years of consecutive giving within our fiscal year, which occurs from July 1 to June 30 each year. Please feel free to contact our Advancement Services Office at to confirm the dates of your gifts. Donors are encouraged to consider setting up a recurring payment to ensure their continued membership in the Brown Society.

  4. My name is not written the way I would prefer. How can I have that corrected?

    We would be happy to update your name! Please contact our Director of Stewardship, Maria Kruger ‘91 by email at, or please call 512.863.1410, with the changes you would like to make so it is displayed correctly.

  5. How do I access the Honor Roll of Donors lists?

    To begin looking at the Honor Roll of Donors, you can click on the words across the top right (i.e. Giving Societies, Volunteers) to access the various links for each portion of the list of names. On each of those pages, you can click on the linked name of the list you would like to view. Most lists are in alphabetical order, but those found on the Giving Societies menu are listed by gift society and then listed alphabetically by name.

  6. How do I find my name on the list?

    Using our new “Find Your Name” feature on either the main page, or in the top right hand corner of the various list pages, you can type in your name and then hit “Enter”. The search will display the name you have entered on a new page. You can then click on the name you want to view to see where it is displayed. Links to each of the lists where your name appears will be available for you to select.