Alumni Giving   [2020]

Alumni demonstrate loyalty to their alma mater by making a gift to support the Southwestern Experience. Through their support, alumni ensure that future generations of students have the same opportunity to obtain a Southwestern education that they had.

Southwestern’s Tower Society recognizes top alumni donors who have graduated within the past ten years. The Tower Society is named in recognition of the annual tradition where graduating seniors sign the stone walls of the Cullen Tower and honors donors who make annual gifts to support the institution. Members of the senior class join the Tower Society for the first time when participating in this historic tradition.


President’s Council Member
Southwestern University recognizes individuals who have given $1,000 or more in the fiscal year 2019-2020, and includes our Tower Society members who represent our most committed young alumni donors. Each President’s Council member is vital to the success of Southwestern and enriches the Southwestern Experience for students.

1840 Society Member
1840 Society members support Southwestern University through deferred gifts. These gifts, although they are planned now, will be available to benefit the University in future years. Southwestern University is grateful to 1840 Society members who are preparing for the University’s future today.

Brown Society Member
Formed at the end of the historic Brown Challenge (1976-1996), the Brown Society was created to honor the loyal donor, and the Brown Family, who led the vision of sustaining annual gifts from alumni and friends, and recognizes consecutive year giving at every level.


Brielle Adolph
Erin Arthur
Andrew Augustine
Chelsea Banawis
Fred Banuelos
Emily Barham
Kendall Barton
Sarah Barton
Daniela Beckelhymer
Ethan Bellamy
Brandon Berry
Hannah Bills
Kirby Birk
Sara Boyd
Clayton Brooks
Rains Browning
Landri Brown
Naomi Brown
Hannah Bruce
Emily Bruckner
Jonathan Buchanan
Sarah Buchanan
Sam Buehler
Emily Campbell
Alyssa Case
Keyshaan Castle
Katheryn Caudell
Bekki Chastain
Ashley Chavana
Todd Coachman
Emma Cooper
Kaitlynn Copher
MacKenzie Cowan
Maddie Crabb
Chris Crawford
Teresa Cropper
Ellie Crowley
Michael Dame
Mason Daniel
Katie Davis
Jax De la Cruz-Luera
Annemarie DeChellis
Alexis Dimanche
Byron Dowdell
Lois Durant
Chloe Easterling-Walker
Charlie Ellison
Johnson Elrod
Evelyn Escuadra
Katey Ewton
Selina Fernandez
Madison Flores
Hannah Freeman
Benjamin Garcia
Josh Georgiou
Bailey Gibson
Morgan Gilpin
Katia Grenaille
Zachary Grimm
Claire Harding
Mallory Harkins
Emma Harting
Hazel Hedrick
Craig Heiser
Andrea Hern
Devyn Hightower
Alexander Hoffman
Bryan Hollingsworth
Jazmin Howard
Ashley Howell
Brooke Hughes
Colton Hunter
Haley Hurt
Josh Im
Kayla Ingram
Izzy Jack
Jacob Jimmerson
Mallory Johnson
Catherine Justus
Kip Karschnik
Myles Kellerman
Katie Kelly
Phillip Keys
Kate Killian
Courtney King
Anna Krolikowski
Mary Alex Krosby
Nathan Le
Kyle Leon
Gracie Little
Abbey Lloyd
Brianna Lombardi
Lindsey Longuet
Austin Lovell
Madeline Lucero
Abigail Luna
Mike May
Grace Maynard
Alex McClure
Justin McCormack
Leilani McDaniel
Derrica McDowell
Zane McDurham
Daniel Merritt
Bailey Meyer
Bailey Middleton
Shellsea Miller
Phillip Moffatt
Olivia Montreuil
Alex Moore
Morgan Mosby
Megan Nair
Nadia Netek
Chris Nissen
Luke Oliver
Cade Osgood
Kiya Osha
Amiel Padayhag
Penny Pena
Gissell Perez
Elizabeth Peterson
Jessica Peterson
Athena Pinero
Andrew Puhl
Sarah Pulatie
Ava Quartucci
Karen Rativa
Laura Rativa
Kate Reissig
Rebecca Richardson
Ruth Riley
Tyler Riordan
Savannah Ritz
Summer Rodgers
Dominique Rosario
Ethan Rushing
Chris Sanders
Matt Sanford
Katie Satterfield
Tate Schorr
Sydney Scott
Sydney Seavey
Anthony Seek
Alex Slaid
Meret Slover
Hayden Smith
Nicholas Smith
Sevara Sobhani
Shi Solis
William Spaulding
Jake Stagner
Olivia Stankus
Aiden Steinle
Trevor Stoneburner
Emily Tesmer
Gamah Toney
Taylor Torres
Diana Trevino
Mallory Van Den Berg Shane
Sarah Wareing
Olivia Westmoreland
Haley White
Zac White
Tripp Williams
Jaden Williams
Johnee Wolter
Mason Wright
Jacob Yager
Miranda Yannon
Luke Yates
McKenna Zinke
Kyle Zuhlke
Heather Zwiener