Parent Leadership Council

These families were members of the Parent Leadership Council (PLC) for the fiscal year 2020-2021. They joined by contributing $2,500 or more to Southwestern University and provided support for the Southwestern Experience. Southwestern gratefully acknowledges their gifts of support. Click here for more information or to become a member of the PLC.


President’s Council Member
Southwestern University recognizes individuals who have given $1,000 or more in the fiscal year 2020-2021, and includes our Tower Society members who represent our most committed young alumni donors. Each President’s Council member is vital to the success of Southwestern and enriches the Southwestern Experience for students.

1840 Society Member
1840 Society members support Southwestern University through deferred gifts. These gifts, although they are planned now, will be available to benefit the University in future years. Southwestern University is grateful to 1840 Society members who are preparing for the University’s future today.

Brown Society Member
Formed at the end of the historic Brown Challenge (1976-1996), the Brown Society was created to honor the loyal donor, and the Brown Family, who led the vision of sustaining annual gifts from alumni and friends, and recognizes consecutive year giving at every level.

Sherri Andrade P'25 and Kevin Andrade P'25
Colin Aymond P'24
Claudia Barlow P'23 and Paul Barlow P'23
Lee Barry P'21 and Mike Barry P'21
Beth Ann Botros P'22 and Ramez Botros P'22
Kermit Brooks P'21 and Delesicca Brooks P'21
Berkeley Burch-Martinez P'23 and Gilbert Martinez P'23
James Clark P'23 and Suzanne Plummer P'23
Daniel Dawson P'23 and Cynthia Jansky P'23
Kristy Ditzler P'25 and Jonathan Cooper P'25
Bonny Dodson P'23
Alice Hardt Dorsey '95 P'22 P'24 and Jay Dorsey P'22 P'24
Christy Dull P'23 and John Dull P'23
Mary Eaton P'23 and Gary Eaton P'23
Amy Erben P'21 and Randy Erben P'21
Sandra Guevara Esparza '96 P'23 and Ramon Esparza P'23
Mary Cade Fisher Evans '94 P'24 and Chip Evans '94 P'24
Dian Ginsberg P'22
Ronald Goldman P'21
Judy Albright Griscom '91 P'22 and Scott Griscom '91 P'22
Michael Johnson P'20 and Jonna Johnson P'20
Lee Kesterson P'23 and Tracey Kesterson P'23
Irum Khan P'24 and Nabeel Khan P'24
Mark Kuras P'23 P'25 and Patty Kuras P'23 P'25
Marion Lawler '87 P'22 and Marcela Lawler P'22
Jennifer Levitt P'24
Kevin Lilly P'23 and Lesley Lilly P'23
Pati McCandless P'22 P'24 and Bruce McCandless P'22 P'24
Mary Beth McDaniel P'23 and Allen McDaniel P'23
Ellen Miura P'22 and Steve Miura P'22
John Munson P'23 and Eleanor Munson P'23
Linda Nelson P'21 and Wendell Nelson P'21
Igor Perisic P'21 and Sophie Perisic P'21
Nick Piskurich P'23 and Jeanine Piskurich P'23
Eyal Porat P'21 and Orly Porat P'21
Saroj Rai P'22 and Shamim Ahmed P'22
Ricky Raven P'20 and Felicia Raven P'20
Marty Rosenkrantz P'22 and Randi Rosenkrantz P'22
Renea Ryland P'22 and Tom Loose P'22
David Sandercock P'23
Neal Schumacher P'23 and Pamela Schumacher P'23
Meredith Scruggs P'24 and Gavin Scruggs P'24
Tracy Shuster P'24
Sharon Smith '80 P'23 and Jamie Lipman P'23
Daniel Sparks P'23 and Helen Sparks P'23
Christine Tomasides P'22 and Harry Tomasides P'22
Jim Turlington P'22 and Mary Turlington P'22
Laura Vasut P'20 and Charlie Vasut P'20
Lenny Vitullo P'20 and Holly Vitullo P'20
Kevin Witt P'23 and Lori Witt P'23